My Highlights from 2009

• This year I introduced myself to the Wacom pad, technology at its very best.
• Speaking of technology I also entered the world of "The Mega Phones" and got myself a blackberry. VG me!
• I began writing my book, something I was putting off for a very long time. I am now 159 pages into it... 2010 goal: Finish Book!
• I moved Three times (wow) is that even possible?
• Went fishing in the Ocean with Dave and his Family, and caught so many fish we had to throw in the towel
• Bahamas (definite highlight)
• 2009 brought me new friends in the creative industry, very grateful
• as well as, Trudy, my treadmill...*heart*
• I published my Illustrations
• I got a fish, who is still swimming happily in her beautiful bowl!
• Running 3 half marathons, and ambitiously signing up for a Metric marathon (which may have been canceled due to ice) but it still felt good to know I was up for the challenge.
• 2009 brought some great business connections
• We came very close to first place in the etchells class championship regatta, but graciously accepted second place.
• Wednesday night racing was a great part of 2009 summers
• so were the trips to Section 5's beach in Crownsville with Jazzberry and scrabble.
• As with every summer, 2009 was no different, a highlight was spending time with friends and family down at the shore house. And finally happening upon acres and acres of breaking fish!
• This year I am feeling pretty accomplished, I started my blog and entered the world of tweets, follow me... It could be fun!
• Meeting The Scary Guy, who was %100 inspiring.
• 2009 Christmas tree was exceptionally stunning.
• I definitely enjoyed our trip to block island (thanks Thom)
• My big screen monitor upgrade was an exciting highlight.
• Tony Lucca in concert, say no more!
• Caught a blowfish... the size of a golf ball, and its official: there is nothing cuter than a blowfish that small!
• Learned Bow on the Etchells and pretended to rock at it... verdict is still out on this one
• Created some really fun pieces of commissioned artwork
• Discovered coconut milk ice cream (you haven't lived until you try it!)
• Long summer days on the Seacraft, and Seachaser
• Wake-boarding
• Paige and Caleb's visits home.
• The discovery of gummy vitamins, so easy and delicious, no one should be without them!

This list is getting out of control, but I do plan on adding more items as 2009 draws to an end...
Thanks for a GREAT year!


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