This little post card just makes me smile... poor little postcard...

{love this}
Very cool table for the bike enthusiests, and I know these days we have an ever growing population of those wonderful people!
Wonder if it rolls around...?


I found these silly Ads that "would be banned from today's advertising world" 
via Some of them were so bad I didn't even feel right putting them on 
but some were just entertaining enough... 
here is a taste...

Find your Fall Color on ETSY!

This necklace reminds me of Alice in Wonderland
Pretty little bobbys
Beautiful Yellow Sapphire Ring
and a girls gotta have these...


Looking for an excuse to wear one of these beautiful head pieces by whichgoose
How gorgeous are they...? 
My goodness I could take all four of them!
Very Inspired By these Beautiful Pieces by satomikawakita
How Absolutely Stunning!
I love that little Squared Piece in the Middle {xox}


There is something enjoyable about these photographs...
I found them here: Things organized neatly

Looking for Everyday Stationary? 
Meant for a Moment has what you are looking for whether its 
custom or in stock... contact me,, lets get something started!

I have always been intensely interested in autobiographies of other illustrators... I suppose that is pretty much on par with anything you are passionate about... So this morning I am going to Share with you some tid Bits about the Creators of Curious George... Did you know they were a couple? Fleeing the Nazis? Did you know Curious George started out as Fifi?... And they rode their bike everywhere... {love that part}

Here is a bit of what I found the rest you can find here

On the rainy morning of June 12, 1940, two days before the Nazis rolled into Paris, Margaret and H.A. Rey fled their home in the city. The husband and wife peddled out of town on bicycles, carrying illustrations Hans had made for children’s books, including one about a very curious monkey.

But in truth, "Curious George" almost didn't make it onto the page. A new book, "The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H. A. Rey" (Houghton Mifflin), {need that book} tells of how George's creators, both German-born Jews, fled from Paris by bicycle in June 1940, carrying the manuscript of what would become "Curious George" as Nazis prepared to invade...

Wow, who knew... its an autobiographical, illustrated book about their lives.. {sold!}
Well folks, we survived! 
We had a very successful yard sale and got rid of a lot of things that didn't need to get moved into the house and we spent the rest of the weekend planning out "our space" 
But if I was being honest... there are still boxes everywhere... progress has been made none the less. 
Everyone is happy...except maybe the goldfish, Sid, who didn't survive the move... {he will be missed}
now back to blogging, drawing and writing!


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