Welcome, Friday.

Happy Friday. Its supposed to be 60 degrees here today 
and I am swooning over the idea of spending some time outside this afternoon. 
(and I so wish I had a dog to walk today)
 Does anyone else have spring fever yet? 
What are you up to this weekend? Dave and I will be doing some house painting (clam chowder yellow) and than heading into Annapolis to have a long over due dinner with some good friends. 

Enjoy the Weather (where ever you are) and have a great weekend. {xox}

PS: What do you think of these adorable prints by lucy snowe photography
I think the cutie at the top is extremely charming 
but theres something about a curly haired dog has me intrigued, I've gotta touch it.

Painting? Yes, But...

Artist Alexa Meade created these amazing paintings by literally painting her subjects. 
Doesn't it look like an actual painting? Now look at the hair...its natural and not painted. 
She places them in still life scenes at exhibitions even painting the furniture they sit on. 



Good Ideas...I couldn't keep to myself

I am always amazed at the clever things people come up with that just make so much sense.
Like those lace cookies for example... brilliant right? Why didn't I think of that?

Today it is 60 degrees outside here in Maryland and with the boost of energy that brings I thought I would share some of the creative findings I have run into over the web to boost your creative center... 

 Man, I just love that idea of organizing your drawers with pretty bowls. 
I am currently using a collection of pudgy little teapots to hold all of my drawing supplies, I think I may add some colorful vintage bowls to the mix and spice it up.

What ideas have you seen that are too good to keep to yourself? I would love to hear about them.


The 50 and 50 project

So excited about this project I stumbled upon today called the '50 AND 50
Its a collective project where fifty designers are invited to represent their state by illustrating its motto.
They post a new piece every week, these were my favorites... 
I can't wait to see Maryland's
I love NY's Motto... isn't it lovely and understated?

Check out more at 50 and 50


The fantastic Mr. Fox

Most Adorable...

 I just had to share these adorable coats for kids by Little Goodall
My heart is melting over that fox outfit... xox
And the red liner in the blue coat = too cute


Five reasons why hearts are cool...

I love this Valentine's Day shoot from Style me Pretty I just want to see hearts everywhere now!

Happy Valentines Day... xox

Its Valentine's Day {!}
Today is the day where we get to celebrate love, loving and being loved. 
Probably the best day of the year, because we get to focus on hearts, candy and warm and fuzzies. 

I hope that you can find love to spread today. 
And give yourself some extra love and share some with someone else. 
And if you are lucky enough to have someone, I hope they make you feel special. 

Because its a Special Day. 
Happy Valentine's Day. 

I love this day. 

And Dave, my Valentine, I love you... {xox}

cute prints right? find more here


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