Incredibly Important Stationary, by Meant for a Moment Designs

Meant for a Moment's custom illustrated, Incredibly Important Stationary has been 
one of my favorite new projects and it is growing in popularity as it spreads through 
the mail. {!} Nothing beats a hand written note, and when it is as cute as this, how 
could you resist. 

Psst: These would make great Mother's Day gifts.

For your own custom illustrated package, email me:


Gotta Have, Cup Holders for your Desk

Again, I am kicking myself for not thinking of this. This is totally genius is it not?
I could use about three of these for my drinking problem. Coffee Water and Coffee. 
I always end up accumulating a bunch of cups through out my work day and than 
Cricket manages to jump up (on my desk, yikes) and put us all in a precarious 
position at least once, before the day is through. 

So these Drinklips are a must have in my book!


Recent Meant for a Moment Project (Fairy Tale for Adults)

Ever wonder what I am up to?
One of my recent projects has been really fun, because I got to create a fairy 
tale for adults. {dreamy}

Each character in the book played a very specific role so we opted for a profile
 type illustration in black and white ink. I have included some of my favorites 
above to show you a peak but there are more, like a wise judge and of corse 
the princess! 

This project was so much fun {!} I can't wait to see it printed, I will post a 
link when its ready. 


New Project for the Weekend, Building a Shelf

I am in desperate need for more shelving but I am also in desperate need for 
more space... This usually poses an issue. But I came across this beautiful 
minimalistic shelf at West End today and my wheels started turning. Not only 
did I think, "Well, thats a cool shelf that doesn't take up a lot of space." I also
 thought, "With Dave's mad skills and my creative touch we could recreate that 
pretty easily." So. I proposed to Dave that we do it. And he said 'Yes'.  

Stay tuned for details. 


Do you SNOOZE?

Anyone else hit snooze a million times before they wake up? I have to set my 
alarm early just so I can get up on time because I snooze so much. But I was up a 
little earlier than usual yesterday because Dave had just gotten home from a long 
weekend away. We had coffee together and shared stories of our weekend and it 
was wonderful. It felt like a perfect morning. Usually, Dave and I are both working 
by 7am but it was so wonderful to take a little time in the morning to chat over coffee.
  And Cricket was in Heaven, because she got lots of attention. So I thought I would 
make an effort to wake up a half an hour earlier everyday so we can have some time
 together in the morning. (Today I made it 15 minutes early, its a start right)

Here are some tips I found online about getting rid of the snooze habit. 

Place your alarm clock strategically. If you place your alarm clock across the room 
or outside your door, this might force you walk to the clock to shut it off.

Train yourself. Instead of forcing yourself to wake up, train yourself to react instantly 
by practicing the motions of waking up. During the day, turn your lights off and practice 
jumping out of the bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Do this repeatedly twice a day for 
about 10 times until it feels automatic.

Get an alarm clock that lights up. You can mimic waking up naturally with this 
BioBrite Sunrise Clock ($134). This alarm clock will gradually glow brighter and 
brighter and will act like your own mini sunrise. You will no longer be jerked awake 
by jarring noises with this clock. BioBrite also has a cheaper version for $90.

Active Work. Start your day with work that actively uses your mind. Creative 
activities like writing, drawing, programming or designing work better than 
passive activities like reading. By focusing your mind early you can stay focused
and brush off any unwanted drowsiness.


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