Design your New Room

So I just found this amazing website that helps you layout your room/house. 
Its by Urban Barn and its called The Make Room. Its pretty amazing. You select 
the exact dimensions, angles and depths of your room. Than start designing by 
adding furniture, fixtures and even electrical sockets. You have countless option of 
furniture types and can change the scale to match your furniture at home. (cool). I 
could lose days messing around on the site, its just way too much fun. For someone 
that has trouble visualizing a redesign, or remodel this would be very helpful. 

Have fun!


Amazing Rings... and Affordable too!

I totally want those pretty little teardrop rings! Aren't they so lovely? Oh Kuol makes 
them on Etsy and their jewelry ranges in price between $30 and $70 isn't that 
wonderful? If I wasn't saving up for a wedding I would be all over it. I hope 
you guys can indulge a little for yourselves. {xox}


While my Baby Sleeps

Oh my goodness! Have you seen these photos {?} This creative mom, Adele 
Enersen, fell so in love with her daughter, Mila, that she was bummed to put her 
down for her nap because that meant they had to stop hanging out. So she decided 
to hang out while they were napping by photographing her while she napped and stage 
these adorable dreamy photos. She started this blog called "When my Baby Dreams"

Is your heart sufficiently melted? Look at those carrots {xox}


Dana Tanamachi, Chalkboard Designs {wowey}

Dana Tanamachi is a Dreamboat. Check out these chalk designs. Wouldn't it be so 
fantastic to have a giant chalkboard at your wedding with that bottom right design. 
{actually any design would work wouldn't it} If you head to her website she has 
some time-lapse video that shows her process. It feels like you are watching a secret. 
Its pretty cool. 


Sippy Fountain

I think this is such an adorable idea. Especially if you have kids in the house. 
Don't you think? Look, you just pinch the bottom and it turns into a water 
fountain for you. {LOVE} I found this on Pinterest via a tumbler site so there
was no link to buy so if anyone finds the link let me know.  


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