More photo manipulation

If I wasn't an illustrator, I would opt to be a fabulous photo manipulator! Look at these photos { they are awesome! } more can me found { Here }

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! { xox }

Good Bye Winter

One week of warmer weather makes me itch for SUMMER! 
Good bye winter... it was nice while you were here... eerrr... it was... um... well, thanks for coming. See you again in a few months. Helllloooo SPRING!


All aboard

I got the privilege of designing Glenelg High Schools Prom Tickets and Invites.
The Prom is taking place at the B&O Museum, so we went with a train ticket feel... 

Finger Prints are forever!

I was browsing my usual favorites today and I came across the awesome wedding band... at Hip Hostess
she posted a finger print, by Chris Parry, how perfectly romantic... I think it would be cool if her finger print could be on his and vice versa!
I { love } this

fight fight fight { ! }

Its gonna be a great adventure...

Here we gooooo...


Just a peek...

Just a little taste of the children's book I am working on... I will give you more details as the drawings begin to unfold... look for a published version early this summer! This drawing depicts ten children from different places around the world... 

Mothers Day Print...

Its Mother's Day... {soon}

Its time to think about our Moms. Mother's Day is May 9th this year and Meant for a Moment has collaborated with Carla David Design to create the perfect gift. Receive a 10x10, Meant for a Moment Custom illustration of you and your mother framed along with 25 personalized note cards for your Mom.  {for $195} Call before March 31 and receive %10 off! See order form below for additional options!

Something to Admire...


The freshmen

Looks like I am going to get to go for a jog this afternoon {hooray}
Just another piece, commissioned for a college graduate to gift to her eight girlfriends.

To Emilie...Peanut...

Operation COLOR...

My project for the day... Color Color Color. I just finished these three commissioned drawings, now it is time to move on to the color part. My reward for finishing these... a run outside in the 60 degree day! Hows that for motivation!

Wedding Invitations and RSVPS

...and they knew they would never be lonely again... Congratulations Katie and Ryan! Thank you for letting me design your invitations! Its gonna be a great day!


My playlist!

Not only do I enjoy Art and Design... But I do get some thrills out of some really good music... Most of my drawing hours are spent listening to the beautiful voices of my favorite musicians. Some artist that are currently on my playlist that I highly recommend to all of you are { drum roll please }...

Tony Lucca • Darling I
Brett Dennan • Crazy
Missy Higgins • Dusty Road
Van Morrison • It Stoned Me
Tyron Wells • Sea Breeze
Sia • Little Black Sandals 
Ron Pope • A drop in the Ocean
Indie Arie • Heart of the Matter
Ray LaMontagne • Shelter
Matt Nathanson • Wedding Dress
Amos Lee • Night Train
Paolu Nutini • Candy
A Fine Frenzy • Almost Lover
Johnny Lang • Red Light

I could keep going... and going... There are so many Talented artists out there... Not enough room to include them all... I dare you to pick one musician on that list and take them for a listen in your car {windows down} on a sunny day, and tell me you are not in {LOVE}.

I am always looking for recommendations to my playlists, have anyone fabulous in mind? Do tell!

Reading about design... { ! }

Currently enjoying the book { Logo design Love } follow the link for a preview and a free download of chapter one. 

If I were a rich man, didle deedle didle dum...

If I were rich and could spend my money on things just because they were {COOL} this would be at the top of my list. How fabulous is this laptop cover by {twelve south} It comes in two different styles... I am partial to the red, how about you?

Hot off the press...

Bridal shower invitations that included a Caricature of the Ice Skating Bride, Coupled with a Caricature of groom and bride to be printed on glasses for wedding favors. This was a fun project! 


Lets go... today.

Somebody please tell me we can go here... Red roves and Bright green foliage makes me salivate!

Just sharing...

I found this photo hidden in a small pile of papers by the window. It is only two years old, but it has faded in the sun and taken on an irresistible vintage look... I wanted to share this sun soaked photo, because I love the natural fade of the ink... { love this }


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