My playlist!

Not only do I enjoy Art and Design... But I do get some thrills out of some really good music... Most of my drawing hours are spent listening to the beautiful voices of my favorite musicians. Some artist that are currently on my playlist that I highly recommend to all of you are { drum roll please }...

Tony Lucca • Darling I
Brett Dennan • Crazy
Missy Higgins • Dusty Road
Van Morrison • It Stoned Me
Tyron Wells • Sea Breeze
Sia • Little Black Sandals 
Ron Pope • A drop in the Ocean
Indie Arie • Heart of the Matter
Ray LaMontagne • Shelter
Matt Nathanson • Wedding Dress
Amos Lee • Night Train
Paolu Nutini • Candy
A Fine Frenzy • Almost Lover
Johnny Lang • Red Light

I could keep going... and going... There are so many Talented artists out there... Not enough room to include them all... I dare you to pick one musician on that list and take them for a listen in your car {windows down} on a sunny day, and tell me you are not in {LOVE}.

I am always looking for recommendations to my playlists, have anyone fabulous in mind? Do tell!

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Anonymous said...

the perishers
bon iver
greg laswell


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