Hand-painted Typography Gift Special

I am pretty excited about Meant for a Moment's new prints. {and cards}
Mainly because they are so much fun to create. You can find them to 
purchase at my Etsy store

 I am offering a CUSTOM Hand Painted Typography SPECIAL... 
{Yay!} From now until January 1, 2011 I am offering original custom 
paintings of any hand-painted quote ( anything you would like, up to 
15 words) for $55. 

Email me for details.

Super Cool Computer Bag

Isn't this computer bag beautiful?
You can find it here.


Something Blue.

Something Blue. 
I love these
Wouldn't they look amazing with a white wedding dress?

Did you have something blue on you for your wedding?


Decorating with Intention

I was just popping over to visit some of my favorite bloggers 
and I found something on Marta Writes {spend some time over 
there, she writes a great blog} that I found myself scribbling 
down on post its all over my desk. I really wanted to share it 
and though I hate to re-post like this... it must be done. Marta, 
thank you for the inspiration, GREAT find and good thoughts!

Fresh Holiday Greetings by Meant for a Moment Designs

I have been working diligently on this years Holiday Collection and 
I am happy to have some Fresh Holiday Greetings to share. They have 
all been posted at Meant for a Moment's Etsy Shop and are available 
for purchase for the upcoming season! 

{Along with other Special Greetings like my new favorite:}

Nike, Just Does it

Nike does Just Do It Right don't they? Isn't that amazing wood 
typography up there? 

There is just something about typography that 
I adore and when it sis done right and used creatively I kind of drool 
over it. {It might have been those hours spent forced to identify each 
font's individual curl in college} But what ever the cause, BRAVO 
designers on board at Nike. I dig. 


Just wishing you a...

Color Picking Pen...

The Color Picking Pen by Jinsun Park is an amazing design 
and idea for a brilliant pen that would be amazing to own. 

Too bad this is only a concept pen.  But how unreal 
would this pen be if they produced it? Can you imagine? 

So what it does is, it takes scans colors from anything 
around you for you to instantly use in your drawing. There is 
an RGB cartridge inside the pen that mixes the color for you
 once it has been scanned. I can not wait until they develop 
more for this pen. This would be great for a marker artist.  


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