Buzzwords to make your heart swell

I stopped by Etsy this morning and stumbled across I Mudrov, an oil painter 
from San Francisco. And fell in love with his umbrellas. And than I looked further 
and realized that a recurring theme in his artwork was, bicycles, dogs and umbrellas. 
And if there are any buzzwords right now that would make your heart swell, tell me 
those three would be top on your list. I really enjoy the story that the combination of 
the three create in each composition. For example, look at the bottom painting, aren't 
you totally routing for these to strangers to get tangled up together by their dog's leashes. 
He will get one whiff of her perfume, she will get taken back by his musclely arms (haha)
 and Boom they are in love. {That's what I see ;) }

Stop in and check I Mudrov out. He has many more talents to present beyond what 
I have showcased.


Being Elmo. Marvelous

I am a huge fan of Documentaries. Especially documentaries featuring dreamy 
success stories of someone pursuing their dream like its no bodies business and 
knocking it out of the park. This inspiring  movie about Kevin Clash, Elmo's 
puppeteer, sheds light on the creation of Elmo as a character. And offers a peek 
into the creative world of Jim Henson and Sesame Street and what its like to see 
your dreams come true. And Kevin Clash is a  Baltimore native. Go Baltimore! 

P.S. You can see it on Netflix Instant View. 


Illustration Inspiration Featuring: Nicholas Gannon

Well folks, I have decided to add a new feature to the Meant for a Moment Blog. 
In dire need for some inspiration, I thought you too could benefit from my finds. So, 
from here forth, every Wednesday I will feature a new illustrator on my new 
weekly post entitled, Illustration Inspiration, to keep all of our creative juices flowing. 

This week, take a gander at Nicholas Gannon. I adore his color use and the sparse 
composition that he so beautifully lays out. You can feel the isolation of that little boy 
before you even know the story line. 
And the added shadows of the buildings are a great touch... a very subtle way to 
imply the building's presence without actually putting it in the picture. Bravo.


Pastels, I could wear you all day long.

I love the colors this spring! I want to paint my walls with them and fill my closets. 
Here are some great Pastel Finds from Zara


Another Noteworthy Day!

March really kicks off a slew of Birthdays... First Dr Seuss, and now my sister, Paige.
(And coming next week my dad {xoxo!}) I totally love her. I am actually sorry you all 
don't know her. She is so much fun and a really wonderful sister. 
Although she bears many skills here are just a few to celebrate today:

• She leaves the most amazing voicemail messages. Sometimes 
its a song, sometimes its an entire story, and sometimes I actually
 think I am decoding a riddle, its fun. 

• she makes ridiculous faces... as seen in above photo

• she knows great recipes... I mean great. Fish tacos, I drool.

• she always has something to talk about and is never upset if you 
need to do all the talking


• she laughs (really loud)

Happy Birthday Paige, I LOVE YOU!


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