Latin, a romance language


My collection of favorite latin phrases ... they make me feel hopeful. I am wishing you a hopeful Tuesday... Ever Upwards. 

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Pina Colada Macaroons... you delight me.

Food doesn't usually find its way onto my site, but I HAD to make an exception here... Look at these Pina Colada Macaroons... WHAT?! Do they not look absolutely delicious!? mmmm. Perhaps I will get a little ambitious and have myself a baking adventure tonight.

Suit bags, love or hate?

Meet Joe and Dexter... all they really want to do is tote your stuff around. How kind of them. Check these silly bags out, they are really made out of recycled suits... kind of cool if you ask me. I wonder if they have one with a nice matching tie...

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Natural Beauty

there really is something special that comes with natural beauty...

New Prints at Meant for a Moment

We have just added to our inventory... 

Id love this graffiti in my city...

Sometimes I wish graffiti wasn't a punishable offense and I could scale the city walls and leave something like this to make people stop and grin. Some of these make me laugh thinking about the context. Like that Zebra... why? Hanging a  Zebra's stripes... political statement? Social Commentary? Just for Fun? Regardless of purpose, I love these bits of creativity. And I will be graffitiing around Batimore in my Dreams tonight.


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