More Holiday Gift ideas: Stationary Lovers

For the Stationary Lovers in your life these trinkets might serve a great purpose. 

Nothing makes me happier than getting mail... except maybe getting a note like this in the mail {xox }


For the Men in your Life:

A fire starter by Swedish Firesteel - Army Model
Remember Lincoln Logs? I bet He does too!
Check out this Super Cool Vintage Post Office Box Bank...
Its got quite a bit of character for an office desk, and can be found here
Man's Face stuff? Know anyone with a mustache?
I think they need this (who knew?)! Find it here!

Just Racking Up Your Holiday Gift Ideas:

More Holiday Gift Ideas at fancyfrenchcologne and affordable too... which is a bonus especially if you are shopping for more than a few people! And Check out THIS Red Coat {I am biting my lip over its adorableness} That purse looks so soft doesn't it?


I have been busy this Holiday working on custom holiday pieces!
Yesterday I stole away some time and put together this little piece. 

Available now in card and print options!
What do you think?
Lets all get back down to the heart of things this December, Shall we?

More Holiday Gift ideas:

Look at this wonderful terrarium! Apparently it can hold up to Eight plants. Wouldn't it look nice in the corner of a sun room? 

These stacked bowls caught my eye, I love how imperfect they are. 
They kind of remind me of Dr Seuss. {xox}

These GLASS bottles are a great affordable gift and they are a good idea for the environment as well!
I think I might want to purchase one of these for myself after the holiday season.

Since we heat our house with a wood burning stove, blankets are a must and this blanket has me falling head over heels... look how wonderful! I love the rustic feel it exudes. 

All these treasures and more can be found at Remodelista
This weekend I am very excited to see Andy Warhol at the Baltimore Museum of art
and I was double pleased when this peppy little print the Tim Gough popped up 
on my screen this morning... all the more reason to get syked for this weekend!


This Photo is just totally fabulous... imagine their great grand children stumbling upon it... {too cute}

I just love this brides bright red shoes from 100 layer Cake


Go Ahead...

More Gift Ideas for...

I have this thing for blankets. That may have grown even larger after moving to a home that heats with a wood burning stove I may be channeling my own wish list here but I  think this blanket is wonderful and it can be found at Anthropologie
Here is a pretty brilliant idea for those who you know who would like to knit their own blanket.
I used to knit and I always struggled to keep my yarn from getting tangled I think this is a fabulous idea.
You can find more designs here
Isn't this Pencil Wonderful...
Surely it would be better if someone gave it to you vs. actually buying it for yourself right.
It looks like the perfect stocking stuffer to me. Find it here.


Best Lyrics Ever Calendar, $30 visit, thewildunknown
{I love the red tie oh so much}
Design your own clutch! 
Or custom design one with a special note inscribed for a great gift idea this holiday {!} I think this is a great way to add a personal touch to a gift, even if you can't sew it yourself. 
I am really digging, "Sunspots on Turquoise" How about you?
If you would like to make your own for yourself or someone else this year, visit Eclu

Aren't these Ball jar lamps the Cutest? I can see these filling a cabin of beach house and giving it the perfect cozy glow. I found them here, at Lamp Goods


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