Its Friday!

And its Friday again... {Hooray
what are you doing this lovely holiday weekend? Dave and I will be running a 10 mile race in Chestertown, MD, walking around the adorable little town to celebrate the "Chester River Tea Party" and than heading to Cambridge for some R&R... so looking forward to the enthusiastic workout and relaxing getaway...

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather that is heading our way!
See you on Monday my sweets {xox}

I love these stamped books from inspired goodness

Growing old together wedding invitations, so clever... I wonder if this would scar Dave away

Happy Birthday to me...!? Love these dresses

Found the perfect house warming gift

sometimes its just that kind of day

Happy Friday... {xox}

Its Friday and these paintings are great

I stumbled upon these endearing images of artist KMR and just feel in love. I love this little girl we keep seeing wondering around happening upon different circumstances, each painting uses the most brilliant color... wouldn't it be nice if we could just leap into each one and spend a moment swirling around in the beautifully colorful palette?


What is Home to Me

Really seems more of a place in time, at this transitional point in my life.

 I am heading into my late twenties with enthusiasm these days, looking forward to what is to come and working hard to build a foundation for a future I can be proud to call my own. I have moved three times in the past two years, I am practically a gypsy. I love packing and unpacking, redefining my living space and getting reacquainted with new shapes and sizes. 

But there was a time, for 18 years, when I lived in one place with a wonderfully supportive and fun family { lucky me }. To me, that was home... and in my heart, home will always be those eighteen years that built the woman I am now and that I am yet to become...

Home to me is where I came from..its how I got here and its how I will get to where I am going...

My Foundations are what have given me my dreams of the future... 

In the interest of Home and sharing ideas, here are two talented bloggers who can't be missed 

Pin - it - forward


Wednesday Lovin'

Wishing you the kind of day that stays cool ... way longer than expected

Sending you some things to love for your Wednesday...

bottles and wildflowers... tis the season after all

Bloomin Brussels... good gracious day!

stationary + bluebird , Oh how I love thee...

and here it is... the most comfy looking tote...


just great...

{ xox }

love this

its just me...nice to meet you

Hello Readers. In case we haven't met. I'm Tara.
A twenty-something inspiration addict. I love illustration, design, cheesy jokes, jogging, excessive color ,coffee, and you. Even though we haven't met, you bring a great amount of joy to my life and I would just like to say it is a pleasure to read your comments and see that you have popped in.

Thank you for your visit. { xox }
wishing you a fabulously kick a** day

Something about a goldfish...

Something about the simplistic approach ChildlikeWisdom has taken here has my heart going pitter patter for these two adorable prints... its almost like they are so lonely on that page ... you must take them home with you and place them somewhere highly trafficked where you can walk by and wink at them... you know just to say " hey, how are you... I'm glad your here " 

{ xox }

If I was leaving my house today...

Working in my imaginary closet today... (oh it is one of my favorite places to be) Picked out this pretty little green ensemble for myself. How pretty! With a pair of faded blue jeans and white v-neck tee shirt...

But who am I kidding, we all know its pajamas, coffee x5, and my glowing computer screen for me today...
A girl can dream can't she?

Dublin and their brilliant bikes

In September, Dublin released a "bike share program" called Dublinbikes. Dubliners can buy a year subscription to use the bikes placed all over the city for only 10 Euros a year. There are 40 stations, Pick it up here, return it there... so... is any one else thinking

So far it has been a smashing success, only 2 out of 450 bikes have been either stolen or vandalized, those numbers look good to me. 

And they chose such a pretty blue color too... 
This system gets an A+ and a green eyed glance of jealousy from me...

Tuesday morning advice


Can I keep him?

If there was ever a moment in my day to remind myself to practice absolute will power it is this one. "Tara, you can not get a dog today. Tara, you will not leave the house this instant and buy a little bow-wow. Tara, put your keys down. I meant it Tara...return to your computer... That's better."... Sigh, I am just a flutter over these adorable pup photos by, Sharon Montrose. Especially that little crazy haired brown pup... "Tara you may not have him... he can not come home with you" Those little hazel eyes are just too adorable. Heres to all you lucky folks who have a little bow-wow to cuddle...{xox}

You know that I would...

Longing for a destination like this one... look at those beautiful roof tops.... and better yet that breath taking scene behind it... you could run endlessly through those green fields, I can feel the dew on my ankles now. Are you longing for a get away too my lovely readers? Where would your dreams take you if all you had to do was blink your eyes and transport there...? 


At first I thought these super gorgeous illustrations by Cath Riley were photographs... but was stunned to learn that they were in-fact pencil drawings... impressively fashioned pencil drawings at that! I love the unique choice of subject and perspective. I am continually impressed at the talent in this world... 


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