Something Nostalgic...

I saw this photo and laughed about the "Farm" my best friend and I had in her basement growing up. Which consisted of: 3 suitcase/sheep, A treadmill/a horse { obviously } and a cotton ball/hamster.

May your weekend me made of dreams!
Photo by: Tim-MacPherson

One of those important questions

well... { ? }

Romantic Graffiti

A friend of mine found this  beautiful concrete note and I just had to grab it up. I am really drawn to the positiveness of this graffiti. A joyful leap from the general mischief marks we usually see on city concrete. It makes me wonder who this could be about... My mind wonders in such lovely places when it ponders romance... its like creating your own fairy tale.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL weekend. Dave and I will be Sailing the first Regatta of our season this weekend. Say a little chant for the Auspice in first place! The weather is questionable but I am totally thrilled to get out there again, and I am pretty sure Dave is losing sleep over it!
Wishing you some adventure this Spring weekend!
Taata for now. {xox}


My baby goat...

Today I met with a client to go over the final ink drafts for her children's book, written about her Petting Farm, Clark Elioak's Farm . It just so happened, there was a baby goat born 6 hours before I got there. Lucky Me. So of corse { for research purposes (wink wink) } I had to check it out. I spent about an hour walking around the farm with Martha, holding the adorable tiny baby goat. He was brilliantly white, considering what he had gone thru this morning. Nature is a beautiful creator. And in case you were wondering, I am pretty convinced it loved me as much as I loved him (right?).
I love me JOB

If you are local, now is the time to visit the farm, there are fairytale stories and baby goats everywhere! 

Spring Weddings...

Love is in the air this spring at Meant for a Moment... Here is a little taste of a invitation package we had the privilege to create... { enjoy }


Book Illustrations... {!} Update

We are getting to the finish line now! This is the page that I was most looking forward to creating, I love night time illustrations, the dark sky looks to fantastic with stars!
{ xox }

Time Travel... Possible?

I giggled today when I saw this on Gizmodo. A picture of a time traveler! 
Look at the man with the sunglasses. Judging by the crowds appearance, this photo was taken sometime in the 1940's... and then there is "Time Travel Man" seemingly straight from the FUTURE! 

So I laughed, because after all, How funny! Wouldn't it be fun if time travel really did exist! 

Than I read a few comments, and some one posted this:
And I laughed more... funny 


Tasty Suite  is offering free hello stickers with every order Until the end of may... Isn't this a cute idea... Its like the door is greeting you, how nice.


Calling Cards... sorta cute...{ xox }

The idea of a calling card... 
You don't need a business to promote, just yourself. Adorned with a custom portrait this note card and calling card set are too cute to pass up. 

Pass them out at dinner parties, promote your business, Pass them out at PTA or soccer games, use it as an easy way to share your personal contact information. And follow up with a cute personal note.

50 qty Custom Calling card (3.5 x 2)
25 qty Matching Custom personalized Stationary (5x5)
25 qty Bright white envelopes (5x5)

Printed on bright white heavy weight coated paper, and bright white 5x5 envelope. 
Perfect for gifting, your secret stationary stash
Buy Before May 1. { $ 195 }


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