Illustration Inspiration: Carin Bramsen

I like being able to see the behind-the-scenes action of what it takes to make an 
illustration wonderful. In Carin Bramsen's interview with Seven Impossible Things
she gives us a back stage pass and presents her preliminary sketches along side her 
beautiful finished product. Her first book, "The Yello Tutu" is filled with a bright 
sunny character who decides she and her yellow tutu are the sun. {and I melt} The 
illustrations alone are enough to brighten your day. I love Carin's unique use of 
perspective and fun compositions. And color color color!


Looking for Critique

Hello my friends, I need your help. I have been admiring so many wonderful artists 
that keep their work loose and sketchy. So I thought I would give it a whirl. So above 
are two of the same images completed in two different styles. A: New for me, light 
loose and sketchy. B: My Color in the lines bright style. What are your thoughts. Stick 
with coloring in the lines? Or continue to experiment?

Personalized Stationary Set

May I present, the newest addition to Meant for a Moment's Etsy shop.
Personalized stationary sets to send your love in style. xox
Check it out HERE.


Merve Kahraman, Parahuman Chairs

These fun chairs by innovative designer, Merve Kahraman, are based on parahumans. 
If you sit in them it kind of looks like you have grown horns yourself. (Great 
conversation piece- "Um, are those antlers on your head?" "No, its just my 
chair.") They are entirely homemade and totally adorable. 


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