Hey its Friday! Annnnddd its also Typography Friday here. Today's feature is South 
Korean Artist, Lee Jung. Her gorgeous text based light series caught my eye on This is 
Colossal. Have you ever seen 'Say Anything' - that old school John Cusack movie where 
he holds the boom box over his head outside the girls window? In the middle of the night! 
And you just melt... 
Well, these letters remind me of that moment. Its like there has been some kind of 
massive build up, you are all alone and then you turn around and there are those glowing 
letters staring you in the face. Reassuring you, privately, 'til  the end of time'.
I just love these. 



Sometimes I come across Illustrators and I just can't stop looking at their work. I 
dissect their style and process and try to remember all those special details for my 
next big project. Juliaon Roels is one of those artists. The characters, expressions 
and body language that her work exudes is perfection to me. I love the depth of field
 in the third piece, the flags across the top are a nice touch. That dog at the top is 
sooo exhausted, not just a little bit tired, and I love that. Thanks for the 
inspiration Juliaon!


Ho-Ryon Lee - Too Impressive

Ho-Ryon Lee ladies and gentlemen... (And the crowd goes wild). These blurred effect 
paintings have me rubbing my eyes and dropping my jaw at the same time. This 
is not a photoshop effect, this is technical skill on steriods. These suggestive oil paintings
 feel as if they are in action as Painter Ho-Ryon Lee overlaps the same subject in 
various sequential poses. Very Impressive.


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