In the Shadows with Alexey Bednji

I am completely wowed by Russian Artist, Alexey Bednij's cool shadow photography. 
The dark shadows create a pattern reminiscent of M.C. Esher's drawings and have me
 totally confused and totally compelled at the same time. 


Meant for a Moment's CREATIVE CHRISTMAS

Its been a VERY Creative Christmas here at Meant for a Moment. I have had the 
pleasure of working with some amazing clients with adorable ideas and I have 
been very excited to finally showcase some of my favorites!

Happy Holidays to you! xoxo

Graffiti Triangle

Not sure how I feel about this Graffiti on the wall. 
But I really love this couple's reaction to it. 

Tis the Season: Don't Delay

'Tis the Season around here for Holiday Greetings and Custom FUN. 
It is my favorite time of year at Meant for a Moment, with lots of creative clients and 
adorable projects. The deadline for Custom Christmas work is December 5th to 
ensure a Christmas delivery so don't delay! Email me for details {!}

With that said, I apologize for the lack of post in the upcoming week. 
This is my busiest time of year and though I would love to post through the season, 
I am prioritizing my Holiday Projects to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. 

Thanks for your patience, 
I am looking forward to showing you all this seasons Holiday Work!




This week's ILLUSTRATION INSPIRATION post features the charismatic work 
of Woulter Tulp. He is a character artist extraordinare! As you can clearly see 
with those cute little lambs. He has a book entitled "Character Sketches" that 
showcases his beautiful creativity and all the stories he has to tell thru the eyes 
of his sweet and sassy characters. 

Thank you for the inspiration Woulter!




The Black and White Photography of Wayne Levin

I love the beautiful photography of Wayne Levin. To me, each photo a moment in 
time where Art and Adventure collide and create something totally timeless. 
Happy Friday to you my Friends. I hope your weekend is timeless. 



A root canal left me out of commission yesterday, so I am posting this week's 
Illustration Inspiration a day late. But Katherine Black is sure to impress! Katherine
 has worked for Disney and American Greetings. She is one of eleven siblings! And
 I absolutely love her sister series shown here in the last two images. 

Thanks for the Inspiration Katherine!


Creative Christmas Wrapping

Tis the Season... it is springing up so fast on us. I feel like just yesterday we were 
sweating our butts off in the hot summer sun. But, this is one of my favorite times of the
year. I love decorating the house and spending time thinking up the perfect gift... And 
than we get to wrap the gift, which is yet another creative outlet for all of you
creative folks. Here are some simple and cute ideas I found around the web.  


Bridal Stationary: Illustrated Bouquet

I just recently finished a really fun project. 
I illustrated a bridal bouquet,  and then designed bridal stationary with the bride's 
new name. What a great wedding gift idea!  

Oh to be a Cat on a Wall...

The most adorable wall paper. 
Had to share. 


This week's illustration inspiration features the incredibly inspiring work of illustrator, 
Molly Idle. Molly uses exclusively colored pencils in her brilliant work and look at the 
beautiful, creamy outcome. There is a subtle texture in her work, which I think adds a 
nice amount of 'jitter' {I think it is nice to have a little jitter in children's books, it 
compliments a child's mind - anything too smooth and formal feels out of place

The composition on the T-Rex illustration is fantastic. The tail frames the situation 
wonderfully. And aren't you all ready in love with that adoring little ballerina? 
So many things to love about the art of Molly Idle. 

Thanks for the inspiration Molly! {xo}


Typography Friday

What Graphic Designer doesn't love a good typography Pun? ;)

Adorable Custom Holiday Gift Idea

The Folks at The Small Object are really on to something here. These custom 
Kinfolk Ornaments allow you to create a custom ornament that looks just like 
you (or someone else). Wouldn't this be a great first christmas gift for newly 
weds? *hint hint* ha. Those little round heads are just too cute. Check them 
out yourself at their Etsy Shop.


A Peek at Some Fall Work

Its been a busy Fall. Thanks for enduring all of my little self promos. 
Here is just another peek at what I have been up too!

All illustrations available for purchase in my Etsy Store {xox}


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 
Dave and I have plans to stay in and hand out candy - eat some candy - and 
hopefully watch a good movie with a cozy fire. (It's amazing how much halloween 
changes for us each year. No dressing up for us. Cozy nights have my heart now.) 
Anyway, do you have any big plans? Dressing up? Do tell!

Illustration Print will be available at my Etsy Store soon!

Illustration Inspiration: Chris Sanders

Happy Illustration Inspiration Day! Today's feature showcases the amazingly 
creative and super adorable sketches of Chris Sanders. Chris Sanders has worked 
as a story artist on The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin
and The Lion King, before he was made head of story on Mulan. And he is the 
creative genius behind, our beloved little monster movie, Lilo and Stitch in which 
he wrote, boarded and directed. Beside's Chris's incredible resume he is an 
impressively skilled artist capable of creating this amazing larger than life 
creatures that can scare you *&@# out of you or melt your heart. xo

I am totally in love with the creative liberties he has taken on the children 
he draws and the monsters he dreams up. 

Thanks for the Inspiration Chris!

Autumn Discovery; Nursery Art

My Favorite Fall Project... available for purchase here.

Illustration Inspiration: Ciaran Duffy

Its Wednesday again! {My Favorite day of the week - because it's Illustration 
Inspiration Day!} Today's Illustration Inspiration Feature is the talented Ciaran 
Duffy.  Ireland based Artist, Ciaran, has illustrated books for Harper Collins and 
Lady Bird. And I have fallen head over heels for her Bear sketches. Doesn't 
that bear look so cuddly and dopey. 

Thanks for the Inpiration Ciaran!


Father, Daughter

A personal piece from Eric Zettlemoyer, I had to share because it was just to darn adorable. 
 Aren't Dads great? {xox}

{I really love the long spindly legs here}



Its ILLUSTRATION INSPIRATION Day! My favorite day of the week!
This week's feature is are amazing beautiful and skillfully composed illustrations 
of Erwin Madrid. He has worked with Dreamworks studio on Shrek 2 and has 
done continued work in the Shrek and Madagascar franchise. His work stands out 
for obvious reasons. But, I am personally drawn to it for its beautiful perspective. 

He sets the viewer up for an adventure every time they partake in one of his peices. 
The Red Riding Hood sequence is particularly intriguing. The perspective auto-
matically makes you feel like you are stalking prey. And innocent little red riding 
hood is isolated and unsuspecting. I totally love it!
 His work is well thought out and brilliantly captured. 

Thanks for the Inspiration Erwin! xo


Special Day on the Calendar

Today, is my Paw Paw's birthday. He is one of my favorite men in the world. 
That's all. I miss him and love him.

Happy Birthday PawPaw. 



Wow {!} I can't believe it is Friday already. Doesn't it seem like the older you get the 
more time speeds up? Anyway, Happy Typography Friday! Today I am featuring the 
Etsy Shop of Oh Dier Living. Because, I have been doting on their wooden signage for 
months now, and its about time I share the love. 

I really like the idea of words on a wall. 
And Oh Dier Living has gotten really creative by adding some punchy (sometimes 
snarky) phrases to their collection and I really love it! They even have a custom listing 
where you can have your name or favorite curse word ;) created to hang. FUN!

Happy Friday Everyone! xox

Pixie Ring Box

These adorable ring boxes from Oh Dier Living's Etsy shop caught me eye this morning 
and I had to share. Aren't they so cute and delicate?


Tadaocern {Hysterical}

Is this cracking anyone else up? 
Tadaocern left his job as an Architect in 2010 to follow his dream and become a photographer. 
He now fills his time traveling for personal projects and commisions. This collection is a 
small sample of his hysterical Blow Job Series. Please do yourself a favor and visit his 
site and watch the video {!} It will make your day!



This week's Illustration Inspiration comes from Australian concept artist and 
Illustrator, Charles Santoso. I was originally drawn to his 'Into the Wonderland 
of Books' Series. His whimsical style and great color play was an immediate 
sell for me. Than upon deeper investigation, Charles's sketches were my favorite 
among his vast and beautiful works. I really adored the fishing boy and all 
of the "Spunk" in the drawings. Thanks for the Inspiration Charles. 



This weekend I am celebrating the wedding of one of my very best friends!
So it seemed only fitting that today's TYPOGRAPHY FRIDAY post be of 
Denis Carrier's giant smooch! I love this piece, for so many reasons. I love 
the color red, the blush on one of the S's cheeks and I love that together the S's 
form a heart. Its all so simple and perfect.

I hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend filled with 
romance and festivities!



This week's illustration inspiration features the colorful illustrations of Rebecca 
Mock. Her realistic and stylized pieces exhibit expert compositions that I 
L-O-V-E.  Please Enjoy. Thank you Rebecca for the Inspiration.



Today's typography Friday post features the super hip art of Darren Booth
If you recognize his style, its probably because he has created art for every 
magazine you can thing of! My favorite part of his work is the color! My eye is 
instantly drawn to the complimentary shades of color that he throws together in 
each phrase creating a unified and beautiful composition.
What do you think?


Custom Illustrated Family Portraits {My Fav!)

I had so much fun working with this Creative family in this custom illustrated portrait. 
My favorite detail is the wooden sword. {xox} 

Fall Wedding Invitations {xox}

I am looking forward to the fall wedding of one of my best friends in just two 
weeks! Here is a peek at the festive invitations I made for her and her 
hubby to be.  



This week's Illustration Inspiration comes from the talented Priscilla Wong. And oh 
how talented she is. I really adore her work because of the interest she creates with 
her perspective and use of composition. I am actually emotionally moved looking 
at some of these sequences. She presents such beautiful isolation and solitude in her 
compositions that I feel it instantly. And the light in those trees is just perfection. 
Thanks for the Inspiration Priscilla. xox



Character Design and Story Boarding are a specialty of this weeks illustration inspiration
 feature artist, Christophe Lourdelet. I love the playful soft lines of his characters and how
 each has their own personal touch *the albino pirate = so funny. And that dudes hair 
in the middle make him stand out much stronger than any old skinny guy. Christophe's
 attention to detail is clear as he develops his characters, its like you love them before you
 ever meet them.

Grey Likes Weddings + M4aM

Check Meant for a Moment out at Grey Likes Weddings {!} 
Grey Likes Weddings is a beautiful site that highlights creative wedding vendors.



This weeks Typography Friday Inspiration comes from Michael Paul Young
Because it just makes sense... 

Happy Friday

I was just reminiscing about my drill Sargent of a drawing teacher who taught us 
perspective and how to relax your hand while drawing. I did not enjoy the class while 
I was taking it, because of his harsh grading and redundant homework, but that class 
taught me and my hand so much. In fact we practiced this exercise many times, with 
both our hands and face... Just a quick trip down memory lane for me, and a beautiful 
image for you. xox Happy Friday. 


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