Illustration Inspiration: Chris Sanders

Happy Illustration Inspiration Day! Today's feature showcases the amazingly 
creative and super adorable sketches of Chris Sanders. Chris Sanders has worked 
as a story artist on The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin
and The Lion King, before he was made head of story on Mulan. And he is the 
creative genius behind, our beloved little monster movie, Lilo and Stitch in which 
he wrote, boarded and directed. Beside's Chris's incredible resume he is an 
impressively skilled artist capable of creating this amazing larger than life 
creatures that can scare you *&@# out of you or melt your heart. xo

I am totally in love with the creative liberties he has taken on the children 
he draws and the monsters he dreams up. 

Thanks for the Inspiration Chris!

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