Happy Friday!
Have an Impossibly Wonderful Weekend!

Photos by rune guneriussen
Most interesting book + Most Interesting Design =

One Million by  Hendrik Hertzberg
This book was created to try to make the large, and abstract number more concrete for people. So Hendrik has created a book in which each of the 200 pages features five thousand dots, but on each page, a few of the dots are called out from their place in numerical order with a little piece of statistical information that add up to really bring the concept home.

I love this idea, I can see myself reading this on the book store floor for hours because I can't put it down long enough to get it through the register...
And the great part is it is selling on Amazon at a very reasonable price!


Look at these adorable Clocks by Yanko Designs made from vinyl records.
Wouldn't it be cute to see a beetle one, made from a Beetles record?~! 

My next vacation will be to: PONTE VECCHIO - ITALY
Look at this place, isn't it amazing?


I have seen this in many places on the internet, I just had to repost it...
isn't he just the cutest...!? 
Does anyone know where he came from?

via I used to doodle like this on my notebooks in school but it never quite had the right kind of direction it needed to get to this beautiful place... I am LOVING these beautiful Prints of the ocean
Dont they more you wanna jump in?

I love this print collection by UK design Studio Aardvark
It was posted by a really fabulous design blog that I just stumbled upon called designworklife
it definitely stole a few minutes of my time this morning... 
I recommend you check it out!


This weekends book signing was a great success! I saw some of the world's CUTEST kids!
And we were visited by our County Executive, Ken Ulman, who read our book to the kids. 
My favorite part was coloring with the kids, you know what the most popular thing to draw was?
A rainbow!
What a relief that rainbows are still top priority, so I drew rainbows all day and signed books and spent the remainder of each day with great friends that came out to support me. 
Thank you to my GREAT friends and Family and Clark's Elioak Farm!
I really feels good to see our book in the hands of kids!


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