So my books came alive last night

I have fallen for this fabulously cool Book Art
Talk about a cool book shelf?

xxxxx and an o

since its Friday and all... why not?

Happy Friday...

To all of my dreamers out there...
It is important to have dreams, goals, plans, aspirations and limitless desires...
let yourself imagine your greatest "cans" coming true
because you can do it, no matter how long it takes or how hard you have to work
dreams are all part of the plan...
Go get em!


New Prints at Meant for a Moment today!

New Print {hooray}

New Print {hooray hooray}
 Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive

Howard Thurman

New Prints at Meant for a Moment

New Meant for a Moment Prints
Wouldn't these look cute on his and her sides of your bed?... { heart }
Even cuter custom...!


Design Sponge ... I sing your praises... THIS is an amazing project! I must find my church pew now!
If you are a Baltimore local I know just the spot: Second Chance 

Little Ms. Subject and her fairy tale world

I love these thoughtful prints by, Carambatack... While looking at them I am feeling pleased, Little Ms. Subject just looks so at ease... floating along in her little book, happy to be in her fairy tale, almost smug... you know... maybe I dont like her after all... { wink }
I would love to jump into my favorite fairy tale every now and than, you all are welcome to join me.
Today the fairy tale of choice might be something simple... The Little Mermaid... I could use a good swim.

Green Thumb?

 Just another funky thing to add to your fashion rader today... check out this flower pot ring by, Paper Snake... I really love this but definitely think it should be a thumb ring... (ba dum ching!)

The ripples

In Honor of the days of summer and the endlessly addictive days spent in the sun on the water... check out Phil Jones creative shirt design. Too cute right? I for one am a supporter of anything with stripes... and here Phil goes adding ripples and a boat and making it even more adorable... all it needs now is a cute orange fish jumping up in that sleeve and my jaw is on the floor.


Rain Clouds

Since it is raining here... quite a bit... and I am to get on a sail boat this afternoon and race {yike} I thought there was no more appropriate post than this: Cloud Umbrella.. To all of you rockin it out there in the rain... may there be a stylishly lovely cloud that protects you from the rain... who knew? 
Happy Wednesday my Lovely Readers

{What Would Audrey Do}

What is it about Audrey that has us all twitter paitted? Oh I know, its the fancy hats and silly smiles and endearing laugh and fabulous style...  In the interest of Charm, Wit, and SPUNK, 
May Operation Audrey Commence: 
{What Would Audrey Do} 
I will ask myself this when I open my closet each day, or break a nail, or get short changed... 
Oh man, looks like I will be doing some shopping... {hooray}

Red no Punch backs


There is nothing like the classic volkswagon to perk you up in the morning, couple that with a cute quirky design and I can skip my coffee... {ha} who am I kidding... Bring on the coffee, I will sip it while I enjoy this endearing design


Oh what a photo can do

I happened upon a lovely blog today, Happenstance and found this photo... 
I had to repost... Lets just take a moment { shall we? } and admire that cutie orange bike and those super sexy heels... I am a flip flop girl myself but dream of the day when I have a reason to wear high heels while happily riding my cute orange bike...

color and music rock my world

Inspiration is oozing out the ears...err tape decks of these adorable prints on sale here 
bring on back the old school!

Its not easy being this cool

Its rare that a celebrity makes it onto my site but this one makes the cut today for being so
Bad A**

If these walls could talk...

Hello sure are looking beautiful today. I found this street art at unruth, there are gobs and gobs of beautiful murals on the site, I chose this particular set because of the interesting use of fabric. When you think of it, fabric and the texture of building would kind of lend a hand to each other...would they not? I am the biggest fan of the middle guy... something eery about being blind folded but so sweet about that little boy {hang in there buddy!}


Love Note

Dear My Love,
Love, Me

Just catching up...

Just some quick fun projects I got to work on recently {above:}  a vodka tasting {yum}
my clients wanted some VIP tags made with caricatures of themselves included (what fun!)
Las Vegas Bound... sounds like fun to me!
{below:} Carla David Design worked up a FABULOUS package for a fortieth birthday "pole party" {!}
I was lucky to be chosen to add some pizzazz with a custom illustration of the client

Imaginary Closet

Back in my imaginary closet.. I found my new favorite outfit... 
I will head to an imaginary picnic on a sail boat in this pretty little dress and sip some imaginary wine... 
and probably listen to some Sia or A Fine Frenzy. 
sounds dreamy... I gotta go get my imaginary day started...

PS: I also totally loved this guy:

Meet, Story People

If you have not already met, Story People may I have the honor of introducing you. It is no lie, this artist (well, it started as just one guy, now it is a bunch of creative "story" people) has been a huge influence on my artwork and my creative happenings. It has been a while since I thought of him... and this morning... {boom} there he was on my mind, so I thought I would post his beautiful work and see what you all thought of it... beautiful?

Organize in style... dream on

As a Stationary and Greeting card designer... this is my drool worthy item of the moment. 
How gorgeous would it be to be that organized AND that stylish at the same time.
PS. I love that wall color with that wood color... { drool }


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