Have a dreamy weekend

Wishing you a dreamy weekend! 
Dave and I will be running a half marathon this weekend. It is our first running event of the year, humm, always a little jittery about those. But I heard a rumor of sunshine, I hope your weekend is filled with it!
Dream on and make it fabulous!
{ photos by Erik Johansonn }


Snow flakes are falling...

It looks like this book is slowly coming together friends! My goal is to be finished by the end of the month... { cross your fingers! } and it looks like published by the end of the Summer. 
Ken Rochan, I hope your getting excited for this! See you at the end of your travels.


Clever Ad... I dig

Evian's new ad campaign... what a fashion statement. I like the juxtaposition of the rugged " man skin " with the soft baby skin on the tee shirt. Some others photos included some cutie girl models... but this one was my personal favorite. What a clever campaign!


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