Merry Christmas...Love, Me

Well. It is December 23rd and this will be my last post before Christmas. I 
wanted to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you find 
memories of Christmas' past flooding your senses while you sip your coffee 
and look at your tree this year. For me, those memories include footie pajamas, 
sleepless nights, a big wheels and my grandparents {xox}. And I hope that this 
Christmas brings with it a catalogue of new memories to fill your heart. 

This year we are celebrating Paige and Caleb's pregnancy and my engagement 
to Dave, so there are new memories to come. And while at one point I feared our 
family was getting smaller, it looks as if we might be on the cusp of it getting larger!
 Merry Christmas to you and yours! My Happiest wishes to you. 


Where will you be for Christmas?

We are very excited today! Paige is coming home for two weeks and we haven't seen
 her in 6 months! I am SO looking forward to it. And she is pregnant! (There is a baby 
growing inside of her and she is my sister... this is a brand new experience.)  Big 
Stuff this Christmas!

Interesting Facts About Christmas


Last Minute Fresh Ideas

Here are some last minute funky ideas from: Walnut Animal Society 
The Animal Print Shop and UnCommon Goods ... my favorite from UnCommon 
goods are these awesome Dancing Lion Speakers that dance to the beat and lip sync 
to the songs that you play on your ipod! (any child would devour that! {heck} I am 
27 and I want it!)

P.S. Zappos is offering Free shipping and Guaranteed delivery by 
Christmas when you order online. 


Meant for a Moment's Custom Holiday

Well, its been a busy holiday here for Meant for a Moment. Here is a peek of a few 
of the Custom Designs I created for Holiday Cards. Its been a lot of fun prepping for 
the holidays. I am SO happy they are right around the corner! Stay tuned for the 
unveiling of the whole collection. 


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