The story os a First Kiss...

Wow... What an awesome thoughtful gift... Such a sweet story... 
This bench was the site of Crystal and Neil's first kiss... The story is, years after they were married Crystal walked into her Apartment to see an old bench inside, she was a bit confused until Neil explained that he had gone back to the site of their first kiss ( this bench ) and offered to buy it from the owner. Overwhelmed with the Romance of it, he was given the bench free of charge... He adorned it with the gold plate "First Kiss, July 1, 2002" and brought it to his wife... as a gift... wow...

{ Sigh... }

Nursery Room Commission...

Spring is here...

There is something magical in the air this time of year. I see it in the faces of strangers as I greet them for a hello and in the familiar lines of the smiles I see every day. Its Spring now, and I wake up with the birds chirping outside my window, what a way to start the day. Winter was always quiet, even the snowfall makes no noise, but Spring arrives with so many sensory pleasures. It sweeps in and reminds your body of all the lovely things it had been missing. {Sunshine, birds, flowers, color, warmth, cut grass, fresh air, the ability to linger outside before going in } Spring has that addictive power, like a love that you cant get enough of.  And it is lifting us all into this silly state of bliss... And there is nothing better than a silly state of bliss after a winter that brought us three blizzards. Lets revel in it today, and feel triumphant in our victory over winter because


More on the New Book illustration

Its been a beautiful day outside... but I have been practicing good will power and have been chugging away on my commissions... Please enjoy another peek of one of the books I am currently illustrating. 

Flash light Painting

Pablo Picasso ... could be the coolest... painting with a flashlight...
Photo: Gjon Mili/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images  1949 

Some Mixed Media that will blow you away...

Saimir Strati is making some amazing pieces of Art, with nothing but... Nails! I know this is Art work that Dave could really get into...


The firefall

Taken by Rob Kroenert on February 18th 2010 in the Yosemite National Park. Every year during the month of February, the Horsetall Falls turn golden around sunset. Wow... 

3D Murals of John Pugh

I love finding new Artists to share with you... Check out John Pugh and his {amazing} 3D murals. 
Yes, your eyes are deceiving you... these murals are painted on a flat wall but they appear to have real human qualities... I particularly love the cow { xox }

A smile for you..

More "What I Meant to Say"

Oh, that wicked witch of the west... and her beautiful wickedness...
Just a few more peaks at "What I meant to Say"
I hope you enjoy { xox }


Introducing! { What I Meant to Say }

This is an Exciting Day for Meant for a Moment
Because we are Introducing:

a new line of prints "{ What I Meant to say }" by,
 Meant for a Moment. Available on Etsy soon
Stay Tuned!

Just a Reminder...

Don't Hesitate... Order by March 31 and receive %10 off. 
{ Nine More Days }

Something Innovative...

This Umbrella Pot was designed to be low maintenance and feed the plant with the rain water that drips from the umbrella... { bueno }


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