Not only is this Typography design absolutely genius. I totally love it. Victor Bregante
a designer, used his medium of choice as the subject to create this text about loving his 
job. He perfectly joins the words and subject together to express his sentiment perfectly.
 I couldn't agree more Victor. {xox}


Aerial Yoga, looks amazing

Desperate to try this. Have anyone out there done this before, I would love to hear 
about it? It looks amazing for my back. I just spent the morning searching for a place 
in Baltimore or Annapolis that offers it but have not had any luck. If anyone has a place 
to recommend it would be greatly appreciated. 



Lets talk about the talented Aileen Leijten, because I have a lot to say and most of it 
involves swooning. Aileen is an Illustrator with a very impressive resume and client 
list (Including Hanna Barbera and Walt Disney Imagineering, wowsers) But what I love 
most about her are her characters. They are absolutely tangebly adorable. I appreciate 
their big puffy clothes and spindly legs and arms and really love their super big heads. 
Although these may seem like silly things to say, this is what makes her characters 
(and her style choice) stand out. She paints her illustrations and her blog offers a bit of 
insight into her process. (I am always fascinated by how other illustrators create). And Let 
us not forget her palette. Do you notice all of the nice warm hues, my eye could swim 
in the soft color palette that she uses.   

Check out a list of her illustrated books here... my favorite is The Hugging Hour


A Mother's Day Commission

Just slipping in a recent Meant for a Moment Mother's Day Commission.
This one was really cute, commissioned by a musician for his mom. {xox}

Beet and Potato Chips = Beautiful

Here is a great idea to add to your Mother's Day Lunch Menu, aren't the beet chips 
beautiful? Head over to Sips and Spoonful for more details, but for now, 
here is the recipe:

Beet and Potato Chips with Thyme Rock SaltIngredients:Beets
Himalayan sea salt
Fresh thyme leaves
Oil for deep frying (canola or sunflower oil)

Directions:Wash and dry the beets and potatoes. Finely slice with a mandolin. Make sure the 

slices are dry. Heat oil in a frying pan on high heat. When the oil is hot, add the beet 
and potato slices one at a time so they don't stick to one another. Don't overcrowd the oil. 
Fry, stirring every so often until they are crispy. Drain on a paper towel and immediately 
sprinkle with thyme salt. Serve when it cools down.
To make thyme salt, grind Himalayan sea salt with thyme leaves in

on beets and potatoes but that is personal preference. a pestle and mortar.
Notes: Beets will shrink when fried so you are better off using

 larger beets. I left the skin 


Come with a Story Campaign

"Come with a story, Leave with Another" is a brilliant ad campaign for the 
Colsubsidio Book Exchange that will have you double taking. These clever paper-cut 
silhouettes, by the Lowe/SSP3 ad agency, feature a mash-up of two literary icons. 
The First one: Little Red Riding Hood and Moby Dick. The Second one: Harry Potter 
and Troy and the last one: Snow White and Sherlock Holmes. I really like the minimalist 
approach and the brilliant attention to each detail. This campaign caught my attention 
and has me looking for more, job well done!


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