Typography Friday: Waaitt Design

Typography Friday is upon us once again so here is an Inspired Typography 
Poster by Waaitt Design. I Love the balance of the type and presentation. xo

Happy Friday.


Have a Cup of Coffee...

What is it about coffee that is so good? Coffee reminds me of Christmas... its nostalgic, 
you can smell it, taste it, and feel it. And no matter how good or bad the last cup you 
had was, you always look forward to the next. I am a loyal coffee drinker. I brew a hot
 cup of coffee whether its 32 degrees outside or 98. And the ULTIMATE is a blanket,
 a book and some coffee. And its very important to me to have a good bulbous mug to 
drink it out of... How do you drink your coffee?

photo credit: matt matches



I have admired Nan Lawson's illustrations for some years now so I am extra pleased to 
feature her on todays, Illustration Inspiration post. What I like most about this LA Based 
illustrator is the sweetness captured in the demeanor and face of each character she creates. 
According to her bio, these characters are often inspired by hipsters and flea markets. Can't 
you imagine bumping into one of the sweet faces at a thrift store? Nan's vintage look has 
created a quirky, nerdy and wonderful following {myself included} 
For more from Nan, Check out her Website.


My Mission...

On my list for this summer is: Organize my Studio. I have found that every time I head 
into my work space, I find work to do and that always trumps the need for tidying and 
organization. And it kind of stresses me out to work in a cluttered space. {I am sure you 
can agree} So my mission is, by the end of the summer, to have a beautiful, sparkling 
Studio that I can work in calmly and without distraction. 

I am feeling greatly inspired by the images above, 
found here on Everything Etsy's organization tutorial 


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