So we have talked about typography that says wonderful things... but today's 
TYPOGRAPHY FRIDAY post presents the type in a different way. By turning the 
letters into individual entities Edd Turner creates a dramatic effect as he illustrates 
them spilling off the page and landing on the simple words, 'All Falls Down'. 
Conceptually I am in love with this design. I feel like all of the letters will tumble at 
any moment and I should type gingerly so as not to disturb them. It also makes me 
very aware of the space behind the letters. Can you see what I mean?


Fresh New Chevron Barstool - DIY

This past weekend I put my DIY hat on and revived these old bar stools. The pictures 
are pretty self explanatory but let me run through the steps.

1. Sand the Stool to rough the surface and give the paint something to adhere to.

2. I painted the entire chair. I opted for a satin finish, light gray. 

3. After the stool had dried, I taped out the design. This was done using a measured 
piece of paper, to ensure precise distance between each piece. And painters tape. 
I used the width of the painters tape as the width of the chevron design, it made 
things easy. 

4. *** Important Tip*** After the tape had been placed, I painted the SAME light gray 
over top of it before I painted the white. This sealed the edges of the tape so any over 
run would be gray not white. This made the lines so crisp. 

5. And finally I painted the white over the design. And once it was dry I pulled the 
tape off and Wallah! Another ***Important Tip*** is to pull the tape at a 
sharp angle backwards. This will ensure you paint will not pull off. 

We are so happy with our new little nook!



Michael Byers actually blew my mind this morning, with pure talent. The illustration 
that led me to him was the father and son fishing. I was immediately drawn to his 
use of color and space. And the further I looked into his work the more impressed I got. 
He is a master of movement and perspective. Look at that bike wheel {!} The perspective 
on that is not only extremely creative but difficult. And that splash of hot pink is 
perfect. What a dramatic image. He is an Ontario based illustrator whose client list
 includes; Runners World, Family Circle, and The New York Times. 

For more on Michael Byers Illustration Check out his website


Kid's adorable Wall Paper Designs

I am a HUGE fan of wall paper. I think its bold and spicy. So when I came across 
Ferm Living's wallpaper collection on Pinterest and I had to investigate. And I fell in 
love with this fantastically modern kid's wall paper. Wouldn't it look wonderful on an
 accent wall in kiddie bedroom? I am a couple years away from needing it... but would 
paste those robot on my wall in an instant.


Happy Memorial Day

I saw a poster the other day that pictured a woman lying beside a soldier's grave. Underneath
 the caption read; "Memorial Day. In case you thought it was National BBQ Day." Goose
 bumps rose on my skin, even as I typed it. It had a profound impact on me. I thought about 
both of my grandfather's who have seen unspeakable things in war and (thank goodness) 
survived. And my mind traveled to those who don't survive. Than to the ones that are left 
behind. And than I thought about beer and hamburgers, and it didn't make any sense. So as 
we celebrate in the sun, with our burgers and beer ... remember to remember. 

Today, I thank all of the soldiers who have served our country. And remember those 
who lost their lives in the process. Thank you. 


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