Father, Daughter

A personal piece from Eric Zettlemoyer, I had to share because it was just to darn adorable. 
 Aren't Dads great? {xox}

{I really love the long spindly legs here}



Its ILLUSTRATION INSPIRATION Day! My favorite day of the week!
This week's feature is are amazing beautiful and skillfully composed illustrations 
of Erwin Madrid. He has worked with Dreamworks studio on Shrek 2 and has 
done continued work in the Shrek and Madagascar franchise. His work stands out 
for obvious reasons. But, I am personally drawn to it for its beautiful perspective. 

He sets the viewer up for an adventure every time they partake in one of his peices. 
The Red Riding Hood sequence is particularly intriguing. The perspective auto-
matically makes you feel like you are stalking prey. And innocent little red riding 
hood is isolated and unsuspecting. I totally love it!
 His work is well thought out and brilliantly captured. 

Thanks for the Inspiration Erwin! xo


Special Day on the Calendar

Today, is my Paw Paw's birthday. He is one of my favorite men in the world. 
That's all. I miss him and love him.

Happy Birthday PawPaw. 


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