{ happy friday }

so this is love..

Freshly discovered product to drool over from, botany factory
Little bitty terrariums! ... best part? They have animal names! From top to bottom, 
Armadillo, Manatee and Little hanging Possum (!)
I think...this is the beginning of a long lust relationship

and then things got wild...

Current Creative crush: Nan Lawson... 
this is not only because she has adorably recreated Max from where the wild things are, (for that she will have my heart forever). She has also made really great new prints look very vintage... this has always been abstract for me and a difficult idea to process therefore, she gets the "How did you do that" award today...and a big old high five. 


Link Lovin'

affordable Mini Business Cards...cute!

could she be Best Dressed?

snogging ... top on my list of favorite words

rock star lyrics = art

jellyfish love

on my list of things I want...yes please

Ms. Guest Speaker

I was lucky to spend some time with a high school creative writing class as a guest speaker yesterday.
Our Mission was to come up with some creative words for this little guy, who has been waiting patiently for some creative breeze to give him some life since I created him last summer... the neglect is almost to embarrassing to admit. After a group brainstorming session, each student wrote down their best idea on an index card. It was so hard to pick just one, but here is the final pick!

Something Daper

because no ones day is complete without some stellar illustrations, these clever little drawings are from the hands of bad turtleneck 
Is it weird that I really love Norms daper outfit? He is such a cutie...

just because sometimes I am weird ... and sometimes (I would like to think of myself as lovely)

and my heart pitter patters for polaroids

Can we just have a moment to appriciate... polaroids... { xox }
And than another moment to bask in the splendor of these poloroids. Its kind of like the artist caught all the moments of body language love... you know when he leans into her and she steps into him. His hands touch her hair, she smiles shyly...
I know I am a sickening romantic but... I have fallen for these photos...


To the moon and back


I've got the "getaway bug" and I wanna do it in style. 
Im day-dreaming about pulling into Montana's giant driveway with that cute little yellow masterpiece up there. 
The road would graciously greet those little round wheels with enthusiasm and say
"Oh Please Mr. Yellow Camper don't stop driving, you are just too adorable, we should be together... forever", as I roll down the windows of my car and sing... 

"Oh silly road, the camper's mine and we are going to the moon, catch us if you can!"
who's with me?

Lets go get some!

In the Interest of World Peace, may I suggest:
 spend your time breathlessly chasing after love. Be reckless. Be shameless, find yourself a fairy god mother and some magic beans and throw yourself into the hands of romance.
Love and be Loved, it is the greatest happiness there is.

Current Creative Crush...


Currently crushing on: Jill Greenburg,
 her bad a** photography skills, her unique perspective and fantastic use of color.
like I have said before, add any amount of unnecessary color and you've got my heart racing. I am head over heels for her colorful underwater series.

Just something to consider...

Have I got a message for you...

First they brought you Hugh Grant and now they bring you this massive ship in a bottle { oh London how do I love thee }... Inside this massive jug is an 8 ft tall replica of the HMS Victory, by Yinka Shonibare. It Currently presides in Trafalgar Square where it will sail its beautiful batik print sails for the next eighteen months to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar and the 50th anniversary of Nigerian independence.


Audrey Lovin...

Happy Memorial Day

A treat for me

Meant for a Moments "Firefly" Print finds its self in this Etsy Treasury this morning!

Wallpaper... you are back in my life again...

Check out these scrumptious Wallpaper Silhouettes  by Romp. If I had more rooms in my house, more wall space and a child this would be a must have on my list of frivolous spending! So adorable. That Ostrich = gotta have. 

A little Nikki Catalano for your Morning

In my daily quests for inspiration I have fallen upon Australian artist, Nikki Catalano. Her soft colored creations remind me of Japanese anime with a quiet, child-like twist. I love all that beautiful texture that  has my eyes happily dancing all over the colorful print. And those love birds... 
{ can I take them home with me? }.


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