Gold Stars xox

These DIY Gold stars would be an adorable addition to a wedding...
(maybe mine!) or even Christmas time. Wouldn't it be cute to string
a bunch of them on a garland and wrap your tree in them? 

Find out how to make them here.


Hey, Honey.

Isn't this Honey Comb Honey Jar cute?
I love the color of honey so that alone sells me, but when you put it in this crazy cool jar. 
Bam, even cooler. Find them at: Biodidactic Designs


Clive Tyler, Pastels... who knew

This weekend Dave and I went with my Parents to the Waterfowl Festival in 
Easton, MD. We saw so many talented artist. So many. My eyes were like greedy 
little children sucking in all the beautiful art. 

My dad and I both shared the same favorite in the show. He was a Cowboy from 
Taos New Mexico who blew our minds with his pastel work. Its kind of amazing 
to look at these paintings and learn that they are not paint isn't it. His name was Clive 
Tyler and he had a large sampling of outstanding artwork as well as a pleasant attitude 
and spoke with us in depth about his medium and journey. 

Check out more of his work here: Clive Tyler


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