On a brighter note {Its FRIDAY!}

I wouldn't dare leave you in Melancholy my lovlies!... Just one last post before I start my weekend! Lets get it kicked off on the right note! Climbing trees! I heard a rumor that the sun will come out for the weekend... { Mother nature you wouldn't tease me would you?! } Here is a recent project of mine, it is a commissioned piece for three best friends. They used to climb trees when they were younger... lets get ourselves up in a tree this weekend!

Tombstone art

My heart slowed a little bit when I saw this post from Art Blog. This is a tombstone at Mt Macedon Cemetery in Victoria, Australia. When her husband dies, she commissioned this sculpture of herself to express her love for him... { sigh } Although sad, its so beautiful... and { romantic }!

Just Discovered { Cole Rise }

I love the vintage look of these photos. He has an exceptional skill for composition and subject matter { Loving the cows } Check out more of his photography at:

Oh Johnny, What a smart man you are...

Oh Calvin and Hobbs...

It is no lie... This comic is the MOST adorable. Even though there are devilish stickers on car windows of Calvin peeing { why do people actually use them? } I still have a soft spot for this dynamic pair!



Check out cards from Uncooked ... just be prepared to spend hours giggling...!

Family Tree

Feeling inspired by Bobby Neel Adams, Family Tree i tried this amateur photo manipulation of my mom and I ...  {whoa} Kinda strange right? I may be addicted to this project, there is probably more to come...! Stay Tuned!



Today I woke up and the birds were chirping... a sure sign that spring is closer than it is far. I am looking forward to that smell, of dirt and grass and warmth. Its strange to think you can smell warmth, but I am %100 certain, I have smelled it! 
There is an evolution that takes place this time of year, it used to be that school was winding down and we could stay out 'til dark on the swing set. Now, to me Spring means relaxation. It means longer days and warmer nights. It means fresh air, out door jogs and boat rides. Spring is a rebirth for my soul and I am waiting in baited breath for its arrival! Just Can't wait!

Dont Stop...

We can never stop... { Believing }

Something for your day...


Happy Birthday...Dr.

It's no secret, Dr Seuss lives on in a sunny place in my heart. I keep him where I store my thoughts of daisies and goldfish ; stupid jokes and silly songs. His words and artwork have been a big part of my evolution as a person and an artist. Happy Birthday Theodore! Wouldn't I love to sit and have lunch with you... Green eggs and ham would do!

Be the best version of you...

Something Cool...

Very cool artwork by: BYROGLYPHICS.COM I always wished that I could paint and ink so abstractly. I love the use of like and "smears" here. Even though they seem haphazard, it just makes sense! Hope you Enjoy this artist!


Magic Wall Paper

turn up the heat and { wa laa } a wall garden:         
Looking for an excuse to turn up the heat? Shi Yua has created some extra fabulous wall paper... heat sensitive! Reminds me of hypercolor tee shirts from back in the day... Cant wait to wall paper a house of my own! 

Time to Celebrate

Happy Birthday to you Smash! Today Meant for a Moment is celebrating the Happy Birthday of Ashley Abraham.. Not only is she beautiful, fun, creative and FABULOUS, she is talented too... 
Love you Smash { xox } Hope your birthday... is nothing short of UNFORGETTABLE! 


Paola Zakimi he is my new hero...

Something Pretty

Currently crushing on these prints by: Papermoth Shop


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