Time to Celebrate

Happy Birthday to my Dad this weekend. 
(Dad, I love you and look up to you. xox)

Dave and I will be meeting my parents on the Eastern shore for a day of relaxation and celebration this weekend. I am looking forward to setting out on that long flat road with my red bike, watching the sunset over the sparkling water and that smell of spring we may be lucky enough to experience. 

My favorite time at the shore are the mornings. A cup of coffee, barely awake reading with my family bundled up on the porch, watching the water and waiting for the sausages to cook...{yum}

Oh I am so excited for summer time to slip around the corner!!

Happy Birthday Dad! 


Oh the adorableness...

Do you have children? Well, here are a few reasons to be grateful for a winter baby.
I have not yet entered this stage of my life but I am still going gaga over these too cute hats. 
Aren't they adorable? 
justbehappy has tons of unique ideas in her shop. 

Just for the record, I have never seen a turkey hat... and I'd probably buy it for the photo shoot alone. 

For more cute ideas for kids check out my etsy treasury... its packed with 'too cute ideas' 
like tutus, capes and special pillows.


To pink or not to pink?

I was never really into pink before. Actually I am pretty sure I went through an anti-pink stage at one point. But it seems I am coming around full force and pink keeps catching my eye.
Likes these pieces from Sharon Clancy Designs. Aren't they worthy of joining the pink side?


~ E.E. Cummings

photo via svpply

Stair Cubby Bathroom

My Grandparents have a beautiful old farm house that we have been fixing up for the past couple of months. Its got incredible pine floors throughout the entire house and amazing character that sucks you into the house as soon as you walk in. 
The only unpractical detail is that it has four bedrooms and two bathroom, only one of which is upstairs and full. There are really no practical places in the house to add a bathroom... that is until I saw this picture.  Look at this creative solution. These homeowners added a bathroom under their stairs, and I am amazed at how comfortable it looks. What do you think?

Here are some other space saving ways to utilize your stairs...kind of brilliant.


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