Custom Stamped Cookies

SO I have a wicked plan that has just developed this morning. 
See those beautiful cookies up there? Well they were created using 
stamps... What if I created a custom stamp {like the one I created 
for Mike and Sal's wedding, above} and created custom cookies 
for our wedding using my custom designed stamp? Cute or no?

What do you think? Too much work or totally worth it?


Wheatfield Posters... makes my heart skip a beat

Oh my gosh I am FORCING myself to practice willpower and 
not to buy up all of these large format prints right now....  Aren't 
they AMAZING? And wouldn't they add the most joyful amount 
of color to your house that you could muster in one bundle?! Oh 
my gosh I adore them so much. And they say such nice things. I 
feel so inspired to create hand painted text right now. I am really 
looking forward to creating some funky wedding invitations 
with all of these inspirations!

And look at this one! {Wheatfield you have my heart for life}


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