A day in the life... Norman Rockwell

These Illustrations are entitled, "A Day in the Life of a Little Boy/Girl"
I posted them today because they kind of melted my heart, Look 
how each child wakes up and falls asleep. And in between look at their 
facial expressions. I could just stare at these illustrations forever. 
It would be impossible to do this with words. Norman Rockwell is a genius. 

Don't you love those big ears on that little boy? And that dog he is sleeping with!
Have a great Thursday 'boys and girls'.


Embroidered Typography

I am a sucker for amazing typography. And Maricor Maricar has pretty much 
blown me away with these jaw dropping embroidered typographic wonders. 
Look at the detail and precision. And the donut! Oh I love the donut! :) I have 
never heard the quote "Be Excellent to Each Other" But I am very sure that 
I full heartedly agree. 


Do you Meditate?

P.S. Here is a good crash course in the Body Scan Meditation: NPR Body Scan
try it out and let me know how if goes for you. 


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