The Weekend is Upon us... let us celebrate Independence

What are you Lovelies up to this holiday weekend?
My Sister and her Husband will be in town, from 
California, for the 4th of July so we will be 
spending it by the bay {xox}. 

This has always been one of my favorite weekends 
out of the year (along with Christmas) because my
 entire family gets together for a couple of days and relaxes. 

Being at the shore is sort of like forced relaxation,
 you have your choice between; fishing, boating, 
kayaking, reading, biking, jogging, bocci, napping,
 munching, floating...gazing... its a rough life.

Looking forward to our own fireworks display!
What will you be getting into this weekend?


So it's Fourth of July Weekend Cats. 
Grab those Sparklers and put them to good use. xox

Did you ever do this when you were a kid?
Me being such a poor speller, always drew stuff...
like circles and hearts (I was always an advanced 
child, haha) Cheers to our country!~ 
and to everything that sparkles in the night!


Pet Hammock!

Oh my goodness me. This pet hammock has me and
 Cricket dreaming of a Sunday afternoon together
 relaxing by an open window... me sipping lemonade, 
and her paws twitching from a puppy dream. 

Like that ever happens over here. Relaxing afternoons 
often include drawing, painting ( which although I 
enjoy, the level of relaxation is questionable because
 it is usually work related) or just sheer exhaustion 
(for shame on me). Thats it, I am getting some lemons
 this afternoon!

This Pet Hammock is a Product design by Corey Drew.


Custom Coffee Mug

I recently had the pleasure to work on a custom
 illustration that we than applied to a coffee mug. {Pretty cool right?}
It turned out adorable. Thanks Vee! You were so much fun to work with. 

Failed Inventions.

How sweet. Better than a Milkshake. Right?

There are no words.

This morning, I thought I would provide with some
laughs thanks to these silly "Failed Inventions" 
originally featured by Life Magazine 
but collected by, Live Journal

It originally caught my eye because one of them 
looked like an electric-stand-up paddle board. 
And I believe that with the popularity of the 
Stand-up paddle board, the electric board may 
actually receive an enthusiastic following right now. 
{As for the other inventions...I'd say, definite fail} 

My personal favorite is the baby window box...What? 
Seriously. And the cigarette tree? Don't you love
 how the photograph shows the woman studiously
 sitting at a desk, taking phone calls while piping 
away. Wouldn't that make you so sick. Yikes!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Oliver Dean Designs...not for every dog

My sister started the most adorable accessory 
line for dogs called "Oliver Dean Designs"
and I am in LOVE with both her designs and her dog.

She makes Bow-ties, Bandanas and Bows that easily
 attach to your dogs collar and stay there, no matter 
how active they are. 

She makes them all by hand 
and offers them on all sorts of different fabric options! Including seersucker {xox}
Doesn't her cute little pup look dapper in his bow-tie?

I particularly appreciate her tag line; 'not for every dog'
email me for details on how to get on of your very own.


Chalk board table... Fun for everyone!

Don't you love this Chalk board table top I found originally posted by Puregreen Design?!
I  think you could easily turn this into a DIY with an old table, some chalkboard paint and some TLC. 
Maybe one day!

* Check out that print in the background too {Love!}


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