Failed Inventions.

How sweet. Better than a Milkshake. Right?

There are no words.

This morning, I thought I would provide with some
laughs thanks to these silly "Failed Inventions" 
originally featured by Life Magazine 
but collected by, Live Journal

It originally caught my eye because one of them 
looked like an electric-stand-up paddle board. 
And I believe that with the popularity of the 
Stand-up paddle board, the electric board may 
actually receive an enthusiastic following right now. 
{As for the other inventions...I'd say, definite fail} 

My personal favorite is the baby window box...What? 
Seriously. And the cigarette tree? Don't you love
 how the photograph shows the woman studiously
 sitting at a desk, taking phone calls while piping 
away. Wouldn't that make you so sick. Yikes!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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