Valentines for YOU!

Hello Everyone!

I have been compiling a list of people to send some Valentine's to...when it occurred to me, there may be some people who would like to receive some Valentines who follow my blog... I would LOVE to send some Valentine's to my followers! If you would like to receive a bundle of blank Valentines designed by Meant for a Moment and Carla David Designs, email me your address... they are free and super cute!

Don't be Shy! I would love to connect with you!


Just a wish for happy...

Day Dreaming

I've been day dreaming a lot lately. When the weather is cold and my skin is deprived of the sunshine it needs, I find myself reflecting upon what I would do if the weather were warm... Read a good book in the sun by the bay, A long jog at the park, work up some sketches on the porch, go for a sail, I so wish! ...Oh the possibilities...


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