"The most beautiful thing we can experience is

 the mysterious." 

~Albert Einstein

Happy Friday Lovely Readers

Oh Happy Clusters...

My ode to {colorful} vintage fabrics. Are these not the most lovely?
I have recently become obsessed with vintage colors... they just have the perfect fade.
And no white is a true white... it is always a little creamy looking and I think it is beautiful...


Meant for a Moment had a great night, and the charity van was FILLED

Last Night Meant for a Moment had the privilege of heading into DC for a Charity Event. 
It was hosted in a house in DC, and 300 people attended. (What a turn out!)
There were vendors filling each room for people to wander through, 
food for an army and endless glasses of wine!
Each guest and vendor was asked to bring a donation to 'Mary House' a non-profit serving children of and families of the immigrant and refugee community and then dine and shop to their hearts content. 
What a fabulous night!

Aren't these prints adorable?

That little red bird is the icing on the cake! Visit her Etsy Site for more delights!


Today in my Imaginary Closet... I dote over these wonderful items {!}
Madwell Sweater

Today is a beautiful fall day out and I am just aching for a new adorable outfit to sport. 
Ideally it would be this one. Look at the presentation on that scarf!? {How totally awesome}
I am after red this fall! It better watch out because I am coming to get it!


AND I couldn't call it a day yet... 
After seeing this creative home-made photo booth I am dying to make one 
of my own one day! Wouldn't this be the cutest addition to a wedding!?
Reposted from Pinterest
And the Holiday fun begins!
My favorite time of year is the Holiday Season and this year I am so excited to be working with some really creative clients who want to get a little wacky!
As the illustration process wraps up on this piece we are moving into the production!
Its always fun to see things come together! 
A chocolate Card and Rhubarb Banner from the paper source are going to set this off nice!

Interested in your own... email:
But hurry, slots are filling up!

Paul Graves has made an impressive photography career out of making faces... 
I just giggle when I look at the simplicity of each piece, but each one has a very distinct personality...
What do you think?

Oh Gosh, I think they may be talking about me ... {yikes!}


DC Wedding! Jackson and his Beautiful bride Jennifer got  hitched on Saturday and we joined them at the Cosmos Club in DC to Celebrate {I L•O•V•E weddings!)

Have you taken a look at the J-Crew wedding Gowns thier collection is Magnificent. I attended a wedding this weekend, and the bride was BEAUTIFUL. She got a great deal on her dress at a Sample sale... {total score}... but if you are not lucky enough to get a great deal at a sample sale, try J-Crew on for size {literally}...
They have enchanting gowns for extremely affordable prices...! I mean look at these beauties!


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