Julie Blackmon, you are Amazing

This photograph I found on Bliss by Julie Blackmon just makes me smile... and I love it... 
More by Julie:

Oh man, they are soo good.

Sam's Story... my book

"Somewhere in a town so small, it can’t be found on a map. 
Down a dirt road so long, there seems to be no end. 
Inside a farmhouse so old its seen eleven owners.  
Sits a peculiar boy named Samuel Mckeller. Samuel’s yellow hair, freckles and blue eyes make him appear just as normal as any other twelve-year-old boy. Just like many boys his age, he likes to play games and eat sweets, he is always curious and though he won’t admit it he is afraid of the dark. But I assure you; unbeknownst to him, Samuel is quite different from any boy you have ever met. Magical, to say the least. But it would be silly of me to give it all away now, see for yourself. The story is unfolding as we speak…"
~ Tara Hannon, Sam's Story

So by now you may know that I have been writing a novel... Well, it is almost complete and I thought I would give you all a little taster. What do you think? I am going to be so thrilled when it is finished. I think Ill throw a party, with really fancy finger foods, 
and you are all invited! 

Hollywood, down memory lane

Can you guess who these cuties are?
I had so much fun scrolling through the old classic photos on Crack Two
It is strange how addicting old photos can be...I have boxes I am saving just so they can get old... and we can look at them on twenty years. 


Let's Dance!

If you are looking for a song to fall in love with today, I found one for you...
anyone up for dancing?


Cloud Nine

So, I found these bags by Nutsa Modebadze and I am pretty sure they blew my mind... 
There is one for every day of the week here... I found my Saturday night one too... check out the beautiful one on the bottom of this page

Return to Radness

Check out Marc Johns Rad new wallpaper he made for etsy, don't you dig it?


"To My Wife" read this for some warmth...

Cup of Jo just posted the most adorable link on her blog and I have been thinking about it all weekend, I had to repost! Its a tumbler site called "To My Wife" and this guy (name unknown) posts notes and messages about various topics to his future wife... let me give you a few examples 
so your heart can go all mush like mine did...

EMBARRASSMENT I might be really drunk and scream love songs by Olivia Newton John
at a very close distance. I’m sorry, but it’s coming from a good place.
SARCASM Despite appearances, I am sarcastic. Here’s hoping you are too.
SUBWAY TRAIN The seat is all yours.
I WON'T Come riding on a White Horse, with a waffle maker, “tickets to the that thing you like”
and a bouquet of roses. However, I don’t expect you to be waiting at the door when I get home
cooking dinner while holding my dry cleaning and crap
LEASHES Are for dogs, not children. This will never be okay.
WINE Let’s drink lots of it.

THE BATHROOM I’ll do my best to always leave toilet paper. If there isn’t any, I was in a hurry.
I'VE GOT Several big sweaters in my 2nd drawer, they’re at your disposal if you’re chilly.

IM NOT the old Spice Guy, But I've used Old spice body wash for a while, at least I smell like him.

IT RAINING fine you take the Umbrella

WHEN WE LAND in the Caribbean, for what ever reason, we will never clap. Ill roll my eyes with
you at the people who do

THE RING I will not be going to Jared, you are welcome

OUR SONG Ill sing it to you whenever you want

I know... You have all fallen in love with this mystery man by now haven't you?
I am making that face where your eyes kind of melt into your cheeks and your mouth just involuntarily
lets out a little "awww". Its inevitable... He knew it would happen... 
Visit his tumbler for more, he posts multiple posts a day, it will keep your heart warm all through winter.

Have a Happy Sunday... {xox}


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