Sam's Story... my book

"Somewhere in a town so small, it can’t be found on a map. 
Down a dirt road so long, there seems to be no end. 
Inside a farmhouse so old its seen eleven owners.  
Sits a peculiar boy named Samuel Mckeller. Samuel’s yellow hair, freckles and blue eyes make him appear just as normal as any other twelve-year-old boy. Just like many boys his age, he likes to play games and eat sweets, he is always curious and though he won’t admit it he is afraid of the dark. But I assure you; unbeknownst to him, Samuel is quite different from any boy you have ever met. Magical, to say the least. But it would be silly of me to give it all away now, see for yourself. The story is unfolding as we speak…"
~ Tara Hannon, Sam's Story

So by now you may know that I have been writing a novel... Well, it is almost complete and I thought I would give you all a little taster. What do you think? I am going to be so thrilled when it is finished. I think Ill throw a party, with really fancy finger foods, 
and you are all invited! 


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to read the rest Tara! wonderful!
Ruzica x

Anonymous said...

Tara - I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story. Can I get an autographed copy of the book when it is completed? And maybe a picture of the beautiful author with her slightly old Auntie J? Thanks honey best of luck to you.

JesusSavez said...

Love it! I'm positively giddy with anticipation for the final product!

paige said...

YEA that is the bomb!!! so excited to have a famous sister!!


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