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Chase those dreams! Run them down my friends! Go Go GO!!
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Make-Up Magnet Board

I have just stumbled upon something that will make you all jump for joy! Because the organization of your vanity lies before you and there is just one fun craft project standing in your way. Laura, from Laura Thoughts developed this fun DIY: Check it out its a Magnet Make-up Board!

I feel like this will mitigate a lot of digging and broken eyeshadows for me.
Wouldn't this save some room on your vanity or give your more ever so desirable drawer space for... more make up... ha I mean you see where I am going here right?


Awesome Jeans

Oh how I dream of long legs...
These pants from the GAP are amazing... 

May I introduce the ink society...

I loved this print by The Ink Society so much it prompted me to check out their etsy store... where I found a whole bunch of delightful prints that I could not resist! Check them out. Don't you love the colors? That see horse would be perfect on a crispy white wall!


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