Liu Bolin, the real-life Invisible Man is an artist with the ability to disappear in any surroundings. He is blowing my mind here as he disappears in the middle of the road and in front of officers.... aren't you impressed?! For more cool pieces from Liu check our


Aren't these clutches by redrubyrose adorable? Look at the detail of the embroidery...
and the painted silk up top is so lovely.


Cutest wedding picture idea! 100 layer cake posted this wedding a while back and I have been loving on it ever since. They got married in a NYC library. And found these nutty books to photograph with, too cute!
Don't you just love these kitchen accessories? That blue toaster has so much character doesn't it?
And those bowls, don't they look like someone just plucked them from the stone age? {I love them!}
I have been drooling over household items lately really lavishing the idea of being out of an apartment and I am just obsessed with remodelista's site, it is too much fun! 

All you need is...


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