Make some one feel pretty...with these stuffers

Look at those glittery powdery pearls, I love the idea of mixing colors 
to get the proper skin tone... it makes it seem like you are working up a 
masterpiece when you are putting on your make up. And doesn't truffle oil 
make everything sound deliciously moist? Imagine a body lotion... I wonder.
 I love hoods. I think robes are highly under rated. Especially if you have
 a lot of windows {!} Have you ever used dry shampoo? Find them all here:   


Unique and Cool gift ideas

There are so many "COOL" things out there to gift this year. Check out these items if 
you are looking for unique gift ideas...I-Phone CarabeanerNever Ending Story tablet
 cover, Alpaca Hot Water Bottles cover, Cute CardGreat BookBowling Set {!} 
Confusing Table Cloth... (Fork on right or left?)


Sisters {best friends for LIFE}

I am sandwiched between two sisters, both very cool and very different. Shopping 
for them is a lot of fun. I LOVE having sisters especially during the holidays! {xoxo}
Ideas: Scotch NailPolish, Classic by Nature Christmas Pillow, Lauren Haupt 
Heart Necklace,  Totally adorable Paw Sweater, Topshop, and 


Gifts for your man {boyfriend, fiance, husband, lover}

Got a guy whose hard to shop for? Here are some ideas for your manly man, this winter, 
Nuts Online has a million different granola options that you can buy in bulk {yum} that 
can be coupled with a nice L.L. Bean winter coat. Or you can opt for the "Date outfit" 
from, J. Crew. {Dave hates buying clothse so anytime I buy him a nice shirt he is relieved 
to have something nice to wear.} If you are feeling adventurous, you could hop on Amazon 
and buy a cozy two person tent and schedule a camping weekend. Or buy a Nano and load 
it up with all of your favorite songs!


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