I am still not 100% pleased with the outcome of this one. 
I may be revisiting this later, but since I am just barely making the Friday deadline, 
I thought I would finish this up!
This one was inspired by the "Meteor Shower" that was to occur on Friday evening. 
After a valiant skyward search - I only say about 5 meteors. 
Still more than a normal night but not what I was hoping for. 

Illustration Friday Submission: Topic - SURVIVAL


This Week's Illustration Friday Topic was TWISTED

I struggled a bit with this concept. 
Thanks to some creative input from friends, 
I am happy where I finally ended up. 

New Illustrations Posted on Illustration Friday and Available on my Etsy Shop!

Catching Up on Illustration Friday Submissions. 
Both Prints are now available on my Etsy Shop:
Exotic: Shop Here
Prehistoric: Shop Here

Illustration Friday Topic: Beginning

Looks like I missed posting last week's submission: Better late than never! 
Available for Purchase HERE

Illustration Friday Topic: Disguise

Available for Purchase HERE
Posted on Illustration Friday HERE


Merry Christmas

2014 will be a year of new beginnings for us... 
Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Holiday Season Wrap Up 2013

It has been a blessed and busy holiday season at Meant for a Moment. 
Check out some of the designs that were created. 

And have a Very Merry Christmas!

Thank you all for your ongoing support!
See you in 2014! 


New Birth Announcement

Happy to share this cute project that I recently finished. 
The client provided the poem and we worked together to bring it to life 
for the birth announcement of her baby arriving in December. 


A FAV Save the Date from 2013

Jessica and I had a lot of fun working on this Save the Date for her upcoming wedding. 
Such a creative bride! xo

A Meant for a Moment Holiday!

It has been a fun and busy holiday season so far and we have only just begun!
Here is a highlights reel of this years favorites. Enjoy!

For more information on how to get a Custom Illustrated Holiday Print - 
please email me:
I would LOVE to hear from you! xo


The Most Famous Brand from each State in the US

Map of the US by most famous brand of each state. 
I had no idea that Geico started in Maryland. 


New Project Post: Children's Book about BUGS!

I am having fun working on the book project about BUGS! At first glance the 
project subject intimidated me, because I had never drawn bugs before. But I am 
growing increasingly more pleased with the outcome the further along I get in the 
project. Who knew bugs would be so much fun!

The Chicken or the Egg by Kimwu Productions = Too Awesome


Summer Reading. How to Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Recently, I have seen a trending theme among my social media friends. Everyone 
is asking "What book should I read this summer?" Their only requirement, 
that it be an easy, poolside read. Well my friends, look no further. I picked up 
'How to be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)' for my trip to the midwest. 
I thought it would be great to get me through the flight and layovers. 
It was perfect. 

Jessica Hagy's qwirky sense of humor compliments her genius wit (wish I was 
that clever) in tons of doodles that highlight the ten steps to becoming interesting. 
Some of her graphs and charts are so clever it hurts your teeth. I kept thinking; 
'Yeah, thats such a good point.' and 'Geeze, there is no way that drawing could 
make any more sense.' Her fun loving attitude is engaging and you will 
most likely find that, although you can put this book down and pick it up 
later, you will not want to. 

Here are Jessica Hagy's 10 steps to becoming interesting. {Just for a taste}:

Step 1: Go Exploring: Talk to stangers; Roll the dice.
Step 2: Share What You Discover: Offer to help; Expand the group.
Step 3: Do Something. Anything: Go outside; Sign up.
Step 4: Embrace Your Weirdness: Get sidetracked; Capitalize on your quirks.
Step: 5 Have a Cause: Do the best good; Be the hero.
Step 6: Minimize the Swagger: Drop the titles; Admit goofs.
Step 7: Give It a Shot: Overstep your bounds; Tackle the hard stuff.
Step 8: Hop Off the Bandwagon: Question ubiquity; Crawl into niches.
Step 9: Grow a Pair: Lead the Mutiny; Make a mess.
Step 10: Ignore the Scolds: Jettison toxic cargo; Learn from all examples.

{My favorites: 'Get Sidetracked' and 'Do the best good'}

Now go buy the book, because you are missing all of her awesome doodles
 by only reading the words. 
How to be Interesting is available in most book store chains, but I say: Buy it here.

One Glance says it All ~ Father's Day Prints

{I love you Dad.}
Now Available at Meant for a Moment's Etsy Shop


From Single to Double: Lessons Learned in Art

As we neared completion of the final drafts for the new Santa book, my client threw 
in a ringer - He asked if all of the illustrations could be expanded from a single page 
to a double page spread. My first reaction was, "Yikes, what a task!" But as things 
expanded, I grew more and more pleased at the outcome. And now, after a couple 
days of readjusting and redrawing, I LOVE IT. 

What do you think? 

A Sneak Peek at New Art

Its been a busy Spring here at Meant for a Moment... and I could not be more grateful. 
Here is a peek at some of the illustrations I am working on for a new book by 
Phil Sharper called, Santa was a Kid Once too. 


Nautical Art

Just a peek at the watercolor I painted to benefit, Annapolis Charity, 
Box of Rain. {xox} I thought maybe a nautical theme would be 
a good direction for the silent auction. 



There is no possible way I could adore Wouter Bruneel's work any more.
The composition is absolutely inspired and the colors pull me in right away. 

Thanks for the inspiration Wouter! xo


New Year/New Prints

It's a new year and there are NEW things happening around Meant for a Moment!
I am excited to share this year's first set of new prints with you. 

Available for Sale in my Etsy shop. {xox}


In the Shadows with Alexey Bednji

I am completely wowed by Russian Artist, Alexey Bednij's cool shadow photography. 
The dark shadows create a pattern reminiscent of M.C. Esher's drawings and have me
 totally confused and totally compelled at the same time. 


Meant for a Moment's CREATIVE CHRISTMAS

Its been a VERY Creative Christmas here at Meant for a Moment. I have had the 
pleasure of working with some amazing clients with adorable ideas and I have 
been very excited to finally showcase some of my favorites!

Happy Holidays to you! xoxo

Graffiti Triangle

Not sure how I feel about this Graffiti on the wall. 
But I really love this couple's reaction to it. 

Tis the Season: Don't Delay

'Tis the Season around here for Holiday Greetings and Custom FUN. 
It is my favorite time of year at Meant for a Moment, with lots of creative clients and 
adorable projects. The deadline for Custom Christmas work is December 5th to 
ensure a Christmas delivery so don't delay! Email me for details {!}

With that said, I apologize for the lack of post in the upcoming week. 
This is my busiest time of year and though I would love to post through the season, 
I am prioritizing my Holiday Projects to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. 

Thanks for your patience, 
I am looking forward to showing you all this seasons Holiday Work!



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