Calligraphy Gift Idea

For anyone who loves the written word, or traveling, Lindsey Bee offers adorable 
custom pieces that would make great gifts for this Holiday Season...

Look at her Calligraphy... Love it!

Deck the Halls

Our Halls are decked here! How do you deck your halls? We use old vintage Christmas
 decor from my grandparents house and it makes everything feel very warm and cozy. 

While I finished the Christmas extravaganza here, Cricket spent the afternoon 
cuddled in a blanket presiding over the final touches... occasionally sending an 
exhausted disapproving glance my way...

{I am not sure she 'gets' Christmas yet... I'll break her down eventually}

P.S: Our tree is only about 4 ft tall. Makes me feel like a GIANT
And the bittersweet from the wreath came from our back yard {xox}


Octavia Bloom, Gifts for Her

And first up on our Holiday Gift Guide this year is Octavia Bloom's Beautiful Jewelry.
For anyone who loves colors and quality... these pieces would be perfect. 

The Meant for a Moment Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!

Drum Roll Please. 
In Wholesome December Fashion I will be continuing my Gift Guide tradition this year. 
Stay tuned all month for gift ideas for Him, Her, and the all tiny ones on your list. 
Fear not, I have some GREAT things on the list this year! Happy Holidays!


A Pallet Cleanser

Look at all of the creative things you can do with Pallets! I really like that Day Bed because 
there is even extra space in there for cool books and special things. And isn't that shelf cool?

I found these ideas at looplane but they are all over, if you have pallets and feel like getting 
creative just hit the web!


I heart this sweater

Currently Loving this Sweater. 
Whats not to love? Its a heart for goodness sake. 
Find it at J Crew.


Crochet anyone?

Do you crochet? I was trying to watch a youtube video to teach me how to crochet 
a snowflake and it was actually really intense. I LOVE this beautiful coverlet and I 
think it would be a great challenge to create it. You can purchase the pattern at 
Ravelry and try it yourself, let me know how it goes. 


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