Go Gaga

I LOVE this Lady Gaga artwork by Adrian Valencia
oh the many sides of ones self expression.
What a warrior.


An Important Reminder

I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately. 

Do you ever get that way? 
It kind of feels like
I have forgotten my plan? 
Not my plan for dinner or my career path. 
No. No. 
I know exactly where I want my career to go 
and what I want to eat {currently wishing 
for a giant peach and big ole mug of coffee}... 
but I find myself forgetting
who I was supposed to be along the way. 

Sometimes I feel like this world has us so 
wrapped up in an idea of success and the financial 
obstacles to surmount to get us there 
that us 20 somethings {and heck even the 30-100 
somethings} are so bogged down with "going out 
there and getting em' " That we lose the spirit of the 
uniqueness each of us have and hardly know. 
And we project so far into the future 
we have absolutely no time to sit a fascinate over 
the fabulousness of whats going on right here 
in front of our noses and inside of our heads. 

So this little post is a reminder to
 myself and to all of you if you are listening, 

are damn cool.
and I mean DAMN COOL. 

Tap into it... 
and dig a little deeper EVERYDAY. 


Rachel's 9th Birthday Wish

Have you heard about Rachel's 9th Birthday Wish?

On her 9th birthday, June 12, 2011, instead of birthday 
presents she asked for people to donate money to 
clean water projects in developing nations. Her goal
 was $300. On her 9th birthday she came up $80 short. 

Just a few weeks after her birthday this poor beautiful 
girl was in a horrible car accident and was killed. 
But, the world heard her wish and her story and donations
 came flooding in. As of today, August 16, 2011, her 
charity has raised $1,098,189 and served 54,909 people. 

Isn't that incredible?
The human spirit amazes me. 

To donate visit: My Charity Water

Fall Wedding Package

 This wedding package got its personal touch when 
the bride requested hand written text. I could not 
have been more thrilled to embark upon the organic 
trip down a font free design{!} Mixing the fall colors, 
florals, wheats and hand written text was a great way to stay
 true to the bride and groom's earthy and organic nature. 

 The package also included a set of 'Thank You' postcards 
that the bride and groom could send out after the wedding. 



Custom Wedding Thank You Stationary

I recently worked on this flowery set of custom thank you's 
 to compliment this garden themed wedding package:

The bride and groom have the most incredible green thumb!

How was your weekend?

Oh what a weekend!
My sister surprised everyone by flying home from the west coast.
I am pretty sure surprises are still among my favorite thing,
even now at the ripe old age of 27 they sit right up 
there with cotton candy and Cricket snuggles.  
So excited to see you Paige! xox


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