An Important Reminder

I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately. 

Do you ever get that way? 
It kind of feels like
I have forgotten my plan? 
Not my plan for dinner or my career path. 
No. No. 
I know exactly where I want my career to go 
and what I want to eat {currently wishing 
for a giant peach and big ole mug of coffee}... 
but I find myself forgetting
who I was supposed to be along the way. 

Sometimes I feel like this world has us so 
wrapped up in an idea of success and the financial 
obstacles to surmount to get us there 
that us 20 somethings {and heck even the 30-100 
somethings} are so bogged down with "going out 
there and getting em' " That we lose the spirit of the 
uniqueness each of us have and hardly know. 
And we project so far into the future 
we have absolutely no time to sit a fascinate over 
the fabulousness of whats going on right here 
in front of our noses and inside of our heads. 

So this little post is a reminder to
 myself and to all of you if you are listening, 

are damn cool.
and I mean DAMN COOL. 

Tap into it... 
and dig a little deeper EVERYDAY. 

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