New Casual is oh-so Hip

Alexander Wang's new take on a Tee.
I dig. 

And then there was Sun...Really hot Sun.

Tis the season for this gorgeous watering can. Right?
My plants are in great distress... the heat is too much and this watering can would do both them and my soul some good. I say its a MUST!

Visual Stimulation

I am really inspired by the creative surreal work of Tang Yau Hoong. I love the visual deception 
and all the bright colors that play along. Its quite beautiful. 

I think that caged bird is my favorite. I could see that on a pretty white wall, couldn't you?


Monster Fabric by amazing Illustrator

Oh how fun is this bright Fabric by, Sanna Annukka?
This artist is a master at patterns... and this fabric captures her more playful side. 
I love that little green peacock whose feathers curl around just perfectly!

Wouldn't that be cute for a little kids room? 
I'm thinking, Monster Theme. Cute!


Cute. Cute. Quadruple Cute.

I love this wedding picture from, style me pretty.
Groomsmen holding the bridal party just seems so suggestive and romantic. 
Especially close to my heart because Dave and I were paired together in my sister's wedding on purpose.
And have been together ever since. xox 


Extra Apples?

With the summer right around the corner, this looks like a delicious idea totally worth trying. 
It almost looks like the stem of them apple is burning as the wick doesn't it?


Look at these beautiful map illustrations by Matthew Cusick.
Couldn't you see one of those swirling blue ocean ones really large hanging on your white library wall?
Oh xox!


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