Yes, what you are seeing is real. This is a shell house. Sally lives here, by the sea shore, it's where she sells her sea shells... { kidding } But really this Nautilus House is not a fantasy,   it is real and inhabited. Pretty Amazing huh? Its like a dream house for a wee one.

Its the final draft revision game...

Final Revision Process
Its kind of like that picture game where you have to find the differences between two photos. 
Below are two illustrations { er, the same illustrations, with minor and major adjustments } 
Final Draft #1 and Final Draft #2. 

If you look closely you can see the changes and additions that were made after meeting with my fabulous client Ken Rochon

Look at the bottom right, we switched the French and Russian characters completely... added a little cheesy love, some accessories and adjusted some skin tone. 
It is kind of interesting to watch it all evolve..isn't it?


To all the chicks I know...

I am currently crushing on this pretty little chicken print from Eastwitching's  take a little friday stroll to her etsy shop and check out what she has to offer...

Bookshelves made with lasers

Check out this Amazing Custom Bookshelf Design by, Dornod. I am mesmerized by the curvy, flowing lines it creates in the room, and all that wood, gorgeous!


Thursday Morning Love Note

It’s in the way you say my name and how you hold my hand
Like a crab to a piece of fish, I’d find you through the sand. 
A polar bear needs food to live, like I so need your kiss. 
As a pig is when he rolls in mud, with you I am in bliss…

If I were a fish at sea, you would clearly be my wings, 
Cuz’ surly a fish made of you and me would be a funny thing. 
Like my favorite pair of jeans, you’d be my perfect fit.
I know If we were a baseball game, you’d be my grand slam hit.

I love you for the funny things you say when we’re alone.
Like a hive to it’s bee, when I’m with you I am at home. 
I’m glad I finally found someone who loves me for who I am 
For that I owe you everything, I’ll give you all I can.

There’s no denying it babe. We’re like two turnips from the same patch
While the other turnips are turning tricks, you’re my perfect match. 
I swear to you I will be faithful, as a dog is to his bone. 
If you stick with me babe, I swear you will never feel alone. 

by tara j. hannon

Pretty Package

      Clever little package design here Designed by Kevin Angeloni. Part chemist part artist perhaps? Thoroughly organized no doubt, 
the man I always wanted to be.

Coffee Mugs ... or toys... Both?

My next house warming gift... How adorable are these little guys? Just snap them in like legos. You don't even have to lay them in the dish rack to dry. I tell ya, the world just gets more and more creative as the days go by. 

Office Envy

My eyes are green with Office envy... Follow me into the offices at these creative places and I dare you not to desire a re-do of your own personal office space.

Three Ring Designs:


Cartoon Network:

Selgas Cano:


The Shirt off my back

It's the gift you always said you would give... now is your chance to actually give it ...
visit Meant for a Moment on Etsy for your print today!

Just something to grin about

Just had to post these clever illustrations, artist unknown, found via found. 
I love the witty humor and the classic feel of the sketchy line. 
love love love

Hope this helps pulls a smile across your face this rainy Monday.
Until we meet again, keep grinning.

Typography Awards from Me...

Fun with Typography... { xoxo } Who every knew you would thrill me so?

Penguin Love

Something about this minimalist approach has my heart going pitter patter. The use of negative space has me swooning all over the page and that fat little baby penguin love, I just cant get enough of. 


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