Thursday Morning Love Note

It’s in the way you say my name and how you hold my hand
Like a crab to a piece of fish, I’d find you through the sand. 
A polar bear needs food to live, like I so need your kiss. 
As a pig is when he rolls in mud, with you I am in bliss…

If I were a fish at sea, you would clearly be my wings, 
Cuz’ surly a fish made of you and me would be a funny thing. 
Like my favorite pair of jeans, you’d be my perfect fit.
I know If we were a baseball game, you’d be my grand slam hit.

I love you for the funny things you say when we’re alone.
Like a hive to it’s bee, when I’m with you I am at home. 
I’m glad I finally found someone who loves me for who I am 
For that I owe you everything, I’ll give you all I can.

There’s no denying it babe. We’re like two turnips from the same patch
While the other turnips are turning tricks, you’re my perfect match. 
I swear to you I will be faithful, as a dog is to his bone. 
If you stick with me babe, I swear you will never feel alone. 

by tara j. hannon

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