Would you like to fly?

This Mobile is a must for the next baby in my life who ever you are you are one lucky little thing
More adorable things at the red balloon

Rosenworld Rocks my World

Loving this artwork from Rosenworld I love the line work and blocked out color... {xox}

Toadally Silly

So my mom and I were sitting on her deck yesterday thinking up all the ways we could utilize the word toad... in toadally awesome cards and bumper stickers, more to come... but here is one of my favorites 
that we came up with!
What do you think?


Come in and have a Seat...

Something about these chairs has me falling over myself. I LOVE the unfinished look the artists, Andrea Magnani & Giovanni Delvecchio (Italy) gave the chairs by leaving the bark on. Its like someone built a cabin in the woods and needs some chairs so they tool a big trunk and just started carving. 
So rustic and sheik at the same time... { i love you chairs }

I found these on designspotter.com
Because we all need a little love on a Monday...


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