Pink Chair Party!

Meet Lily. Her Mom has cataloged her monthly growth by photographing her on this pretty pink chair. Now that she is turning ONE and it seems fitting to outfit her first birthday party with the Pink Chair Pictures! Meant for a Moment has helped by developing the theme and creating these Pink Chair Themed Invitations!
Isn't she just too cute?! Happy Birthday Lily! Welcome to the world of BIRTHDAY CAKE!
You are gonna LOVE it... { xox }


We are Ranked #2...{ ! }

 Well Check us out, Columbia/Ellicott City is Ranked #2 on the top 100 places to live in the United States by Money Magazine and CNN

Born and Raised here Meant for a Moment loves working out of Columbia, and Ellicott City is gem. Actually my Grandmother, Jean Hannon, played a key role in preserving Historic Downtown Ellicott City by running the "Paint the Town" Campaign in the early 1960's and here we are today #2... 
pretty amazing 'Maw-Maw' wish you were here to see it!


you are a gift

...Love this hair...

oh for the love of pillows...

Happy Nesting

New Meant for a Moment Print!
The perfect House Warming Gift!
Find it here!

Mincing Mocking Bird

From Mincing Mocking Bird on Etsy these prints and original paintings make my heart go pitter patter. I love the color and subject matter... the empty space in the background and the fact that the bird is looking somewhere... who knows where... its like the little guy is contemplating something much bigger than its 6 ounce little insightful little bird


New Meant for a Moment Print

New Meant for a Moment Print... find it here

I love you like a train thats falling off a cliff... you know that feeling? ... like there is no going back?... 
Some one very special said this to me once... and we haven't gone back yet... {xox} I love that feeling of FALLING in love

Playing with your food, to the next level

Just in case you need a smile...

What does your food do when you are not looking, well according to Bent Objects they:



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